SGCD Remote Not Working

The remote for my SGCD just stopped working, I sent an email to service so I am sure it’ll be taken care of or I can get a replacement but while I am holding a little brick does anyone know if I can program a universal remote with the PS Audio codes so I can use something else until I get a new one? @jamesh

I assume you checked the batteries? If the remote’s not working you can’t use it to program a universal because we don’t use universal codes. They are all custom.

Yep took batteries out for a couple hours then put them back in and the light keeps flashing and no matter what button you push it changes the Phase. Took batteries out again and when replaced them same thing

Problem solved, new one on the way. @jamesh is the MAN! PS Audio comes through as I knew they would.

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You got it aiki! Nice chatting and the new remote should be getting out the door later today or tomorrow.

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BTW: I have an older Logitech Harmony 350 universal remote. To program it, you use a computer app to select the brand and model of the device and assign it to one of the device buttons. Then hook the remote to the computer with a USB cable and it uploads the remote codes to the Harmony remote. They do have codes available for at least some of the PS Audio products, so you don’t necessarily need a working remote for your equipment to program it.

Thanks, but I think it might take longer to obtain that than get the remote from our friends in Boulder, already got the email invoice (For Zero Dollars!) and spoke to James so it’ll be here before the getting up to change the volume gets too old! Can always set the volume high and use Audirvana to change volume but that’s sub optimal.