Bhk 300 vs jc1+

Has anyone actually compared a demo of the JC1+ to the BHK 300? I was thinking of a switch to the JC1+

Jc5 vs BHK 250

Very happy satisfied with my new JC5…

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I haven’t but I suspect BHK 300 vs JC1+ would be a fair fight. Probably come down to personal preferences and you’d likely get a good percentage of users that prefer either one. Wouldn’t be a landslide, I suspect.

I can’t compare the the BHK 300, but I did own the original JC1’s, actually I used three of them for my front left, right and center speakers. They were very impressive on my Legacy Audio Aeris speakers. Tons of power, great bass and midrange to die for. The reason I sold them was they were like space heaters in my room, they got so hot you could cook a egg on them. I sold them when the new JC1+ came out and got almost what paid for them. I have heard the new version at my dealer and I would say if you have the money they are well worth it. Just be aware that they produce a lot of heat, especially in high bias mode. From there I went to the M1200’s and now I’m using the McIntosh MC 611 mono amps, I am very happy the performance of the 611’s and the run very cool to the touch.

My JC5 does run a bit warm given it is high bias class A 12 watts then
on up to 400 watts AB…So warm running was expected…

Combined with my P15 it is audio heaven…sans tubes…

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Paul teased about a BHK 600. In the works for sure. But when? Fall at best. Winter likely. And what 12K each I assume? Would LOVE a BHK 600 but maybe too much $$

Why would you assume $12k each for BHK600? That seems unlikely given the market that PSA occupies. Not sure there would be any market for them at that price.

Serious, top-tier hi-end brands can be had for that money, and that’s no disrespect to PSA. I’ll guess $9k list msrp. Still an incredibly high price given that a Gryphon Diablo 300 could be had for that, Boulder 866 for much less, D’Agostino integrated for same amount (much less when you add a BHK preamp), Simaudio integrated, Pass Labs separates, top-of-line Coda separates, even Luxman m900/c900 for close to that when BHK preamp factored in, or wow Gryphon Colosseum now for $27k new (yikes, that would be a bloodbath) etc. If you talk to people who’ve owned BHK 300’s and many of those I list above, they’ll tell you no contest. Gotta keep it real.

That said, now if BHK600 is completely different technology and performance level (not just a linear upsize) than BHK300, which I guess there is some history if you look at stellar m1200 that used same name convention yet was different level of tech and performance to m700 (really seems like different class than m700 - kinda odd having same family - and completely left sgcd behind), then okay. But if it’s just a bigger BHK300 with linearly upsized sound quality,…

And I’m assuming that purchasers spending that amount of money actually care about getting the best sound for the $$ and are willing to do the legwork to make comparisons of what is available for that big $$. If instead the criteria is simply, will it sound better than the old stuff I currently own, well then all bets are off because most current tech in price range will clear that low bar. And let’s be honest - if that is one’s approach then one is not serious about getting the best sound quality they can for their money, but that is one’s prerogative.

Disclaimer: of course audio is subjective and there will be those who prefer BHK300 to all of those I listed. Everything is subjective, which generally goes without saying but I’ll state the obvious explicitly to avoid upsetting anyone given that this is a PSA forum and not trying to stir up trouble. Merely presenting one person’s opinion of proper pricing given the competitive landscape.

Since they are manufactured off shore I would be first asking how warranty and out of warranty repairs are handled. Knowing my gear (PSA/pass labs/ayre) is from manufacturers that stand behind their equipment even after the initial warranty expires is a great comfort when investing in components. Pass in particular will service gear at surprisingly low cost. The responses on this forum shows PSA provides great support for even the oldest equipment when they are able to - and not just for the original owner.

It may be Parasound is legendary in their service and very willing to help long term - worth finding out if you haven’t already.

I have owned both. I would probably lean towards the BHK 300 in terms of overall listening enjoyment, which says a lot for the BHK, as the JC1’s are excellent amps. I got rid of the JC1’s when upgrading to the BHK’s, then got rid of the BHK’s due to terrible reliability (with just one). I got fed up of sending amps back to Boulder, so I sold the BHK’s and bought some Mac 601’s and called it a day.

The new BHK 600’s look very interesting, as I just got a sneak peak from Paul’s virtual tour (thanks for that Paul!). Going to be looking hard at those and the JC1+ down the road, when the itch comes…as it always does.

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Pass Labs XA60.8 monoblocks, $13.5k for pair, 60 watts pure class A into 8 ohms, doubling to 120 watts pure class A into 4 ohms, for example, would be something that the BHK600’s would have to easily beat in sound quality if such a high price were to be charged, but I suspect the XA60.8’s would more than hold their own at $10k less if $12k per were to be charged as suggested.

I’d submit the Pass XA60.8’s as a benchmark that PSA should use to know whether or not they have a winner with the BHK 600’s. If they don’t handily beat, keep working, because from people who have owned both the XA60.8’s are lapping the 300’s at similar cost, especially with somewhat challenging-to-drive but revealing speakers like Wilson Audio Sasha DAW, Alexia2, Alexx.

BHK 600s will be $20k per pair minimum. That would put the same ratio as the P20 and P15 regenenoators.

Fair enough. Will be interested to see how they measure up to a Luxman m900u stereo amp and Pass Labs XA60.8 monos. Tough competition at those prices.

PSA should purchase both of those amps and not release the BHK600 until it comfortably beats both, as each are old technology and less expensive than the numbers you’re talking about for BHK600 (Pass Labs dramatically less expensive). Also, although less watts on spec sheet each will easily drive difficult speaker loads like a Wilson Audio Alexx, so the simple “more watts” won’t be a reason to prefer over these, most likely, because they are spec’d so conservatively and are proven performers.

Not saying impossible to beat those amps or that BHK600 won’t sound better than those amps (after all, plenty of other amps do beat those - but tough to do so under $20k), just suggesting benchmarks that the BHK600 should aim for if they are going to charge that type of money (over $20k). New Luxman amp to replace the m900u is probably right around the corner also …

Better still…2 Accuphase M 6200 monobloc amps…though
lower in power @ 8 ohms would be quite a challenge to top!

Given how highly the BHK 300 is thought of by the reviewers, who place its performance with more expensive amps, we have reason to expect the 600s will be similarly competitive.


Well stated!
Funny you mention the D’agostino Int…I just listened to it at my local shop (a new arrival) driving a pair of Magico A5’s it was really excellent sound. Power, drive, speed, sonics…it was all there in spades! 400 watts to the Magico’s 4 ohm load

It looked gorgeous in person, off the charts build quality and I couldn’t keep my paws off the volume control, just an amazing tactile feel. The amp just screams quality!

If I was gonna go all in on an integrated, the DAG would be high on my list. Dealer said 25K which includes phono and dac modules



Right build quality and reliability is another thing that absolutely should be gorgeous and bulletproof at these prices. Luxman m900u legendary build quality- just solid and never fails (something like one failure ever or crazy like that); Boulder and D’Agostino - look like works of art and the bling factor; Pass - built like brick you know what.

Different ballgame if wanna play with big dogs at those prices. Better load heavy…

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Luxman T-4 tuner, listened through almost every day, has been in system for over 40 years, and other than dial light replacement, has never needed a repair. L-5 integrated, purchased the same day, now in my son’s system, has also never needed a repair.

If I were to return to all solid state the Luxman M=900u stereo/mono power amp & C-900u preamp would be on my short list.