Have you heard any new speakers lately?

Thank you!!!

I don’t hate them so far. The low-end is definitely there.


Beautiful looking stand mounters!

99dB/2.83V/m, not many speakers are that efficient these days! When you sat on the floor, was it because the speakers were not tall enough? Or because you enjoy the sound like that?

I expect the sitting on the floor was in response to my comment. It kind of comes down to my mental images like this.


When things were simple, mom & dad paid the bills, and every penny I had was spent on records like Boston, Aerosmith, The Beatles, and Boston, Boston, and Boston.


For the record I came to Boston and rock in general late. I grew up listening to country, loved new wave in HS and moved through prog and rock in late HS and college. But I have my idealism and that reflects it.

Umiami91 is correct. It was in response to his post and mostly meant as a joke.


Mike has one of the better sounding dealer rooms that I’ve heard. Are you also located in the central Florida area?

For those who have (or haven’t yet) seen The Many Saints of Newark, that was one one of the cleverest, even droll, audio equipment placements I can ever remember in film. Basically, if you must risk being busted with hot merch make it count by choosing JBL. Got a snicker out of me at the theater.

I fully expect that JBL Lancer 77s have gone up in price all over the used market from that cameo.

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In the Panhandle/NW.

That’s cool. I used to live out in Destin for sometime. Really nice beaches out in the panhandle.

Love the beaches…PCB

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Wouldn’t mind auditioning speakers from Viking Acoustics:

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I’ve been listening to Wilson Sabrina Xs lately.
I really like them.


I hear a company called PS Audio is developing and going to be releasing speakers…

Their whole lineup is very interesting. Thanks for the link!


I purchased the Sonus Faber maxima amator in the spring. Every time I listen to music I have a huge smile on my face.


It’s either Sabrina X or Magico A5 for my next speakers.


Picked up a mint used pair of these last week from a home based dealer who shut down as the result of Covid. This was his personal pair.


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