Having trouble with Roon seeing my Sprout100?

When I first set up the Sprout100 Roon saw it and I was able to add it as a zone, that was without installing the driver for Windows 10. Roon core is installed on a Headless MacMini on the same LAN and I’ve added other Roon ready devices since the Sprout including a SimAudio Moon 390 and Oppo UDP-203 with no problems. I’ve had some NAS fan issues which caused me to shut the NAS down at night to keep it from overheating until I can get a new fan (on order). That’s where the music is so I’ve had to reconnect shares and such when I turn it back on. I’ve also been shutting down my PC which I don’t normally do either for other reasons. Now it just won’t show up as a ready to add device in Roon settings no matter what I do.

I’ve tried:

Installing the USB driver from PS Audio’s site.
Turning the Sprout100 on and off a number of times which actually worked once before.
Rebooting the MAC and the PC, I think MAC first then PC.
I did upgrade the Mac Book Pro I use to control Roon to Mojave during this time but it doesn’t seem to have impacted any other endpoints.

Sprout is connected to a home built Windows10 PC, KEF LS50 's on IsoAcoustics Aperta stands, SVS SB2000 Sub, Vintage Revox B795 Linear Tracking TT.

Everything else works fine. Any ideas?

Welcome, jcgriffith!

Try rebooting the router then switch then computer(s). Also make sure everything is DHCP.

That didn’t work. Looking at Roon’s website the Sprout100 isn’t listed as Roon tested so maybe I was just lucky to begin with that it worked.

The Sprout is just a USB DAC as far as Roon is concerned, it doesn’t need to be Roon-ready. The bridge software running on the computer feeding the Sprout handles all the Roon stuff.

Are you sure the Roon bridge is running on the PC that’s connected to the Sprout? I have no experience using Windows for this, but my Sprout works just fine with Roon (using a Raspberry Pi and Linux). So it’s not a matter of the Sprout, the issue has to be with the PC.

Also can you play music to the Sprout from Windows on that PC? If not, then there’s some issue there.

Figured it out. I installed the Roon Bridge software on the Windows PC and all is good. Every audio output available on the PC becomes available in Roon as an output zone. I don’t really know why it worked initially without the bridge software or for that matter why it quit working, all that matters is the music is flowing again. Hope this helps someone else. There are packages for Mac and Linux as well.

Thanks a bunch for sharing this! I’m sure it’ll be helpful for others.