Sprout100 + Linux USB


I know that Linux is not officially supported, but was just wondering if anyone on the forum has had success using a Sprout100 connected to a linux machine via USB2.0? I’ve got a Sprout100 on order and am wondering if it is likely to play nice out the box or if I’m going to have to get my hands dirty with some hacking to get it talking to the laptop… Does anyone know if it presents as a USB Audio Class 2 device?


What’s the goal? To have sprout boot the os off usb or see storage?


I don’t have a Sprout but I do have a NUC running roon ROCK connected via USB to my SGCD and it recognizes it as an audio device. It is my main source for music. I would expect it to work.


I used a Raspberry Pi running Ropieee to stream Roon around the house with the USB port on the Sprout 100 and even got to try upsampling to DSD. Worked flawlessly.