A Little Help With Some Skynyrd

I recently picked up a used copy of Lynyrd Skynyrd “Street Survivors” on MCA Ultimate MasterDisc off eBay, and track #5 (You Got That Right) is AFU… The song will play on my DMP, but has about a 1 second drop out in the opening riff. However, when I tried to rip the disc this morning using dB Poweramp, it had errors in something like 13,000 frames.:frowning_face:

This is probably an unusual request for this forum, but does anybody out there have this disc, that would be willing to email me (or put in a dropbox folder) a FLAC version of track 5? Even if it’s not the MasterDisc version of the album, I’d like to have a listenable file for times when I’m playing via jRiver and not spinning discs.

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with the disc… Did you buy it used?

I unfortunately don’t have a copy myself, though I can check around with other folks at PS on Monday to see if we might have a copy of the disc floating around.

I have been able to salvage a few bum tracks on used discs by washing them with a very small amount of dish soap, rinsing with demineralized water, drying with microfiber. The used music store that I buy from has a mounted buffing wheel that they use to try to polish defects out. Sometimes using db Poweramp on a different CD drive will help. Sometimes you’re just SOL. Sorry, I don’t have that disc.

On the very few occasions when dbPoweramp does not give a clean rip I use EAC (Exact Audio Copy) in its most pedantic mode. It does seem to pull off more, though the rip is normally still not perfect.

Get some plastic polish and polish the disc. I have saved more than a few CDs doing that.

I sympathize with you, as I am Skynyrd fan who hates damaged CDs and dislikes eBay sellers who misrepresent the condition of their discs. Having said that, I think we as a group want to discourage file-sharing of copyrighted material. You can purchase the lossless track here legally for $1.79 (first click the radio button above the BUY button next to “16-bit/44.1kHz FLAC” and then purchase track #11):

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I’m also one who respects copyrighted material, but in this case I’ve already paid for the right to listen to the music on this disc… I intend to keep the disc, as I have all my CD’s and SACD’s that I’ve ripped. I’ve actually got two other versions of the song, both from compilation CD’s, just don’t know if they’re the exact same mix as the original album version, and I’m sort of anal about stuff like that…:joy::joy:

I’ve had good luck with this product. It helps with scratches and reading errors.

And has improved the sound of cd’s on previous cd players I’ve used in the past. However it doesn’t seem to improve the sound of cd’s played on the DMP, probably because of the implementation of the memory buffer, instead of reading the disk in real time.

I hear you and believe you. But if someone uploaded the track you want to Dropbox and you downloaded it, I think both people would be risking a charge of copyright infringement. That would not be my problem, of course. My concern (far-fetched though it may be) is that this Forum could suffer adverse consequences if such transactions became a common occurrence.

You mentioned that that ripped file had errors in @ 13K frames. That’s bad on paper, but how does it sound when you play it?

@bootzilla Just what I needed - another place to buy music. I think at least half of my 20 Firefox tabs are now music download sites. :grin: MasterCard is your friend.


Based on your opening post, I thought you were indifferent to the mix. But your second post suggests strongly that you want the Ultimate MasterDisc version. I doubt that any legitimate download sites have the Ultimate MasterDisc version. Can you get your money back from the eBay seller and track down a cleaner physical copy of the Ultimate MasterDisc?

It actually plays fine on the DMP, with the exception of the approx 1 second dropout in the opening riff. Funny thing is there are no obvious scratches on the surface of the disc that I could point to as the culprit. There are a number of very light scuffs, and I’m going to try the plastic polish that Gary_M recommended above to see if I can resolve it.

That’s cool, I hope that polish works on the physical CD. My question was about how your error-laden FLAC rip of “You Got that Right” plays when you stream it to your DAC.

I ended up just going back and doing a burst rip on that track, but it won’t even play.