SALE ! PerfectWave SACD Transport

PerfectWave SACD Transport on sale. Killer deal for anyone on the fence.

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I figured most everyone here knew where to find the PerfectWave SACD Transport, but ok. :sunglasses:

I think I may have ordered one. My card was declined but then I was messaged if I recognized the purchase and I did so they said my order was then put through. But nothing yet from PS Audio in confirmation. I might call later. . . I was on the phone a lot this morning. . . and I hate phones.

If it didn’t go through that may be good too as I really shouldn’t order one.

Wow, I got to talk to James himself and it’s all straightened out.

This is a great price. I was waiting until I could afford to buy the new transport and keep my DMP as well, not have to trade it in–I have a large number of non CD and SACD discs that I enjoy playing in the DMP. This allows me to keep the DMP and is even a bit cheaper than if I were to trade it in!

This is a great deal. . . kudos to the team for coming up with this price for the sale!


Dear God, why are they doing this to me?! Aaarrggh!



Why? Because…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::rofl:



A wonderful sale!

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Just pulled the trigger on this.
Any one knows if the 60-day try at home applies to the offer?
I do not have any SACDs or an I2s DAC, so I am nor sure if it will bring a SQ improvement over my cheapo NAD CD transport, for my use case… But I suspect it will :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:.


It’s normally a 30 day trial, but the sale offer extends that through the end of the year.


Thanks, I missed that last paragraph in the email. :roll_eyes:

At least you received an email announcing the offer. I am supposedly on the email list but for what ever reason did not receive a notification of the offer, rather odd.

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Your wife has PS Audio sale emails routed to her spam folder.


Me either but the forum always saves the day!

Yes, the 60 day trial is offered on this special. For those that haven’t received the email yet, we do them in batches for a few hours through out the day. I believe it’s alphabetic which could put one’s email slightly later in the day.


Thanks James, :grinning:

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60 days won’t be needed. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


What is the sale price on the PST?

$3999, US only, and no trades.

We are working with the distributors on this promo so they should be able to also offer better pricing. I highly recommend getting in touch with them to see what they can do!

My thought exactly!! Now I have to resist for 19 days.