Headshell Wires

I just purchased a vintage ADC LMG-1 Magnesium headshell with no wires. Are there any recommendations for good quality/performance headshell wires up to around $20?

I want to avoid wires that are overly stiff as they make it harder to align the cartridge because they tend to push the cartridge forward in the headshell.

I also want to avoid high priced wires as I do not intend to do any A/B listening tests to see what sounds best. I’m sure there must be something out there at a reasonable price with good performance.

If you can get your hands on some Jelco, do it.

Specifically the SW-100.

It looks like the Jelco wires will be hard to find. From their website: Jelco is now unable to accept new orders from April 2nd, 2020, due to the availability of transportation and delays in production due to the spread of the serious infectious disease COVID-19.

Have you compared the SW-100 to the SW-30 or SW-50?

Jelco announced that they were closing their business immediately and permanently a year ago due to an aging workforce and their Covid concerns as well as the shop’s old and outdated machinery that was too costly to replace. There was a great deal of press coverage about that. I’m surprised they still have a functional website, very odd.

There’s a good audiokarma thread in the turntable section that should have tons of reviews. Check it out:


Yep…strange going out of business practice.