Speaker Cable Recommendations


Hello all, I’m new to the PS Audio Community and have a couple of questions.

I am in the process of moving from McIntosh to PS Audio and have been contemplating changing speaker cables. I currently have Wireworld Eclipse 8’s and have been happy with them. However, I’m wondering if I should consider something else with PS Audio. Here is my current equipment list; not everything has shipped yet.

PS BHK Preamp
PS BHK 300 Amps
PS DS DAC w/Bridge II
Focal 1028be’s

I have tried the following cables over the past year and feel the Wireworld have performed the best:
Wireworld Eclipse 8
Acoustic Zen Satori
Kimber Kable 8TC

I’m considering the Morrow Audio SP7. I’ve never owned Morrow, however the reviews seem good and they have a 60 day return policy. I have also been looking at the Transparent Audio Plus Speaker Cable.

I would appreciate thoughts on the Morrow and Transparent Audio cables. What is everyone using with the 300’s? What else should I consider?

Thanks in advance!


If you’re happy with those speaker cables continue to use them with your PS gears. If you have spare cash to splash on upgrades, better speakers should come first.


I’ve used both Wireworld and Morrow and preferred the Wireworld by a good margin. You are good where you are.


Thanks for the quick replies. The Wireworlds have been solid and as good as the Focal’s are, I agree they are definitely the weakest link now.

Any speaker recommendations? My budget for speakers would be around 10 - 12K.


Magico A3 on Apods.


Nola K.O., Spatial Audio X2, PSB Imagine T3, Legacy Focus SE. In the end it will be personal taste. None of my recommendations have that etched high frequency of the Be tweeters so like the Magico’s different sound.


The new PS Audio speakers, perhaps.

You should also read the Iconoclast thread. With a 30 day, nothing paid, no risk in-home evaluation… It is a no brainer. I will be getting a set in relative soon to pit against my Analysis Plus Big Silver Oval speaker leads.


Haven’t used Wireworld speaker cables in my system, but have just swapped out the old silver plated copper design Morrow SP7 for the new design SP7 cables.

Miles better than the old design, much more open and integrated sounding.
My last speaker cable and highly recommended.


I’ll never NOT recommend Magnepans. Your budget gets you close to the 20.7.


DeVore Fidelity 093 or 096. If you can audition these, you should.


Thanks everyone for the great suggestions. Time to do a a little research and find some dealers. Any idea when PS Audio will be releasing their speaker line?