Hearing pitch problems of old tape recordings on any media

Is it only me or do you all also at least occasionally hear pitch problems e.g. easily audible in fading piano notes?

I hear it quite frequently from old analog tape recordings…just today I was not sure if my record player might have a problem, so I played the Analogue Productions Nina Simone / Jazz played in an exclusive side street club also from the SACD…and it’s the same. A fantastic recording and even if very slightly so, it’s audible on both, the LP and the SACD. E.g. at the end of „Don’t smoke in bed“. Drives me nuts. It’s usually without attracting attention in all parts of music with faster, shorter notes following each other.

I even have some classical Everest recordings which are inaudible due to very heavy pitch problems. I wonder how they could press this on LP‘s and discs in case they listened to it.

Makes sense since tape is susceptible to stretching and the mechanics of a tape recorder have inherent problems. Now take those very old tapes, put 'm on very old tape recorders and sample that music on a flawless digital system and you’re bound for problems. On a funny note: it might be better to sample an old record since there is a chance that the wow & flutter of the turntable might counteract with the tape deck it was recorded on.
What you also might notice is that you “hear the music coming” because it is magnetically “pressed thru” the tape on the next layer.
Hence: although it is much nicer to see those reels and records spinning I personally am happy that those days are over. No more wow & flutter, just a little tiny bit of jitter.

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I’ve been really enjoying the sound of cds that have been mastered using the Plangent Process:

The wow on old films can be really bad.

I’ve the same version of Don’t Smoke In Bed on a couple of CDs (I’ve probably got it on vinyl too as I listened to her a lot in my youth) - the version lasts 3 mins 12 secs - is that the version you’re playing?.

3:14 in my case, but the slight difference might be due to track editing while producing the SACD.