Intermittent playback issue

I have had this player for about a week now, connected via the provided I2S cable to my Directstream Junior which I have had for about a year and had no issues with.

When playing SACD discs the Memory Player randomly “misses a beat” for want of a better description. This is not a click, but a momentary silence lasting milliseconds no more, before continuing to play normally.

This occurs on several SACD discs and in different places on them, never the same place twice. The same discs will also play through without any problem evident. Red Book CDs so far have played without error.

The Directstream Junior has Redcloud installed; the Memory Player has version 2.06 of the firmware installed.

Has anyone experienced a similar issue when playing SACD discs?

It’s possible there’s a bit of debris on the lens. Problems with the lens or the laser are more likely to impact SACD playback than CDs.

A lens cleaning disc may solve the problem or you may consider opening the unit and gently cleaning the lens with a cotton swab.

I have reported the same problem with my DirectStream memory player, no problems playing “regular” CDs, every now and then and only playing SACDs, that intermittent sub-second loss of volume.

I believe that PS Audio is working on a software update to address this, and some of the other issues reported to them.

Thanks Evan, I thought I was the only one to have the issue. I have reported this to Jeremy in Support, and my dealer said today that there is a software update due to address stability issues. Let’s hope that addresses this issue. I’ve narrowed it down to a DSD/I2S problem but haven’t got to the root of it yet.