Help me set up DAC with Apple Classical

Hi, I need your collective advice. I’m moving away from Qobuz and want to use Apple Classical for hi-res music (up to 24/192, don’t care about Spatial Audio etc).

Apple Classical is available only on iPhone and iPad and Android devices (not Mac). I want to connect it to a DAC and then to my pre amp. As you all know, airplay is not an option for obvious reasons.

What combination of iPhone/Android + DAC to use? I don’t want to buy more gear; I have a spare exasound e38 and a lumin T2. Both are capable of taking 24/192 easily over USB.

How should configure all this? Any suggestions? Anything I should know about connecting the iOS/Android device to the USB? What Android should I use that’s the route to go? Our house is Apple-centric so far.

Also if it helps, for my local music server I use RAAT → Holo Red —> DS DAC. The DS DAC has both inputs taken (the PSA SACD is converted to the other).


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I thought both iOS and Android actually downgraded to 44/16 - is that not the case anymore?

On AirPlay. Not if you have an external DAC. I have a headphone DAC I use for DSD for example.

Dunno about Android. That’s why I’m asking for help.

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For iPad / iPhone supports Lighting get this :

Apple Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter

For USB C get an USB C Hub

Then connecting this to your DAC’s USB input

Open Apple Music Classical, choose the sound output from Control Centre - your DAC

Remember to setup for HiRes Audio, on iPhone / Setting / Music / Audio Quality / HiRes


That sounds good. But just realized my exasound e38 has a usb type B input! How do I connect the camera adapter to the usb type B? Sorry for being dense.

It has its own power supply so doesn’t need power through the USB.

Audioquest makes USB C to USB B cables

you need a cable of USB A to USB B cable …

you may see there are two USB ports on the camera kit connection … one to your Dac and another one to power supply for charing the iPhone …

So get this guy? Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter - Apple

And then connect a usb A to B cable?

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Yes … USB A to the camera kit and USB B to your DAC

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if you like it … in the future you can upgrade by adding a Mutec MC3+USB (a reclocker) between your iOS device and dac …

One last question: what’s the difference between the Lightning to USB and the Lightning to Usb 3?

copied from the website

" The Lightning to USB3 Camera Adapter offers USB3 speed and the ability to simultaneously connect your Power Adapter. The ability to supply power is essential when using external USB storage devices and some other USB peripherals. USB3 offers considerably higher transfer speeds when used with newer models of iPad.

By contrast, the older “basic” Camera Adapter only offers USB2 transfer speed, regardless of the iPad to which it is connected. There is no facility to connect the Power Adapter - which will inhibit, or substantially complicate, connection of most storage devices. This option is only generally usable if the connected device is itself battery operated- or has its own source of power.

The Lightning to USB3 Camera Adapter is considerably more useful and flexible than the slightly cheaper alternative - and provides considerable performance and functional benefits."


Latest wrinkle. The dac i was planning on using—exasound e38–doesn’t support phones and tablets! Serious wrinkle.

Suggestions for a good dac for the iPad/iPhone? Would Oiler it to have balanced outputs. Less than USD500.

Maybe the Cambridge DacMagic 200M? Just a wild guess.

I’ve used an AQ Dragonfly and a Chord Mojo with both an iPad and an iPhone but, of course, they do not offer balanced outs.