IPhone/IPad direct to DSJunior...Amazon Music

Appreciate some quick, hopefully easy guidance. I’d like to connect either my iPhone or our iPad running Amazon HD Music directly to the DSJunior. I’m assuming if it is possible that I connect via a lightning to USB cable. Currently connecting via wifi into our Cambridge N851 streamer and think that I can get better sound with a direct connection because of apple wifi limitations.

Connecting direct will add a lot of noise from phone and iPhone is tricky about transferring bit perfect anyway.

WiFi does not have limitations at all. Now AirPlay is suboptimal because it processes data and resamples… etc. WiFi over DLNA/UpnP is very good and bit perfect and has more bandwidth than a direct connection by far. WiFi is gigabit, USB is small change.

What app are you using for your music to Cambridge? Also how is the Cambridge hooked up?

Thanks for your advice

We have a BHK preamp and a pair of Stellar 700 mono blocks. I’m blanking on the cables between the junior and the preamp. Something I got from BlueJeans.

Using the Amazon music app to the Cambridge. Coax from Cambridge to DSJR


Any idea If the app is using UPnP/DLNA or is using Airplay?

No clue. My knowledge is pretty limited when it comes to digital

Are you married to Amazon?

Looking up your system it looks like Tidal is built in so your phone may be a controller and the unit may be able to pull it straight from Tidal.

Download the StreamMagic app on your phone.


It is StreamMagic by CambridgeAudio

I connect to the Cambridge via AirPlay

Ok, avoid airplay if possible and get the StreamMagic app.

Airplay is routing everything thru the phone and is bad IMO.

StreamMagic will have ability to just use the phone as a remote and have the Cambridge grab the data from Stream in services… not the phone.

We actually really like Amazon. The library is massive. Maybe I need to wait for someone other than Alexa, Yamaha, Denon and Sonos to work with Amazon


Sounds like a great plan
Is there anything that I have to do in order run Amazon through the Stream Magic?


I would download the app and see what options are currently in there.

If it’s not there, email Cambridge and see if support is coming.

I had a chance to visit with Cambridge tech support earlier and they are working on it. Apparently Amazon is more interested in making their product work in high mass markets…Alexa, Sonos, etc.
I’m sure that they’ll come out with something that runs on Bose before addressing the audiophile community desires.

Appreciate your efforts


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You may want to sign up for Tidal trial and compare?

See if it’s night and day or marginal?

Unfortunately Cambridge doesn’t support MQA, so you are stuck with leveraging a laptop/pc into the streamer to experience Tidal Masters.

Qobuz also offers services via the StreamMagic app cxp suggested and it works well. Also worth a 30 day free “test drive” just to compare vs Amazon.

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