Help me understand the NuWave DSD DAC

Been looking into this as decent step up from my current PWD MkII, but I’m confused regarding DSD playback. What are my options for playing DSD through the unit? I have retail SACDs and retail DSF files. I have a PWT, but that of course won’t play SACDs. I have an OPPO 105 that plays SACDs but due to copyright protections can’t be played through the NuWave. I don’t think it even lets me stream the DSF files to the NuWave but I’m not certain.

I agree with ANONYMOUS, unless you’re really trying to get into DSD playback, I don’t think the NuWave would be the upgrade I would recommend. In your situation, it sounds like the only way you’d be able to get the DSD files to play on the NuWave is through a computer and connecting via USB.

Thanks for the input guys, good info. DSD support was what caught my fancy with this unit, but sounds like there are wiser approaches for me to take.