Help Please: Burning Hi Res Audio so the PWT Can Read It

PS Audio has instructions on how to burn files using Ashampoo, but I followed those instructions and it doesn’t work (on both DVD + and - disks). Ashampoo is on version 15 and the instructions are for version 10. I have both high def FLAC and WAV files.

Is there any software (Mac or PC) out there that would allow me to burn files from Acoustic Sounds and/or HD tracks to a PWT compatible DVD/high density disc? I’d like to maintain the resolution as much as possible of course.

Thanks for any help anyone can provide.


The big trick is to use the proper version of UDF, when burning the DVD - UDF 1.02. This is important as this is what the PWT expects.

See, click, for exemplar instructions.

I don’t have a PWT but I have a vague recollection that Paul may have said that he just copies and burns the WAV files in the Mac Finder. You would need to convert your FLAC files to WAV. I use Max on a Mac for that kind of thing (it’s free, just search for “Max Mac” ) and dBpoweramp on a PC (not free but a great program; there is now a Mac version but the HDCD plug-in doesn’t work, which is a problem for me). There are other programs to do the same thing.

Elk and Steven2 thank you both for your replies.

I’ve been throwing myself at this every spare moment for the past two days. I’ve got dBpoweramp and like it (the files definitely have to be in a WAV format - I found that out since, in my excitement at the new info, I burned a disk with UDF 1.02, but used FLAC).

AShampoo works if it is set to UDF 1.02, but that’s not what the instructions say on this site.

Check it out (it says UDF 1.5):

7. Burn the WAV files to DVD Open Ashampoo Burning Studio 10 Select “Expert Functions” from the left side menu Select “Create a Data CD/DVD/Blu-ray Disc using advanced settings” A new window opens: choose No ISO (disabled), No Joliet (disabled), UDF 1.5 Leave all other settings at default and boxes unchecked, click NEXT A new window opens, click ADD An “Add files and Folders” window appears At “Look in:” find your WAVfolder, click on that WAV folder Notice your songs appear in the box, select them all and click “add” then “Finish” at bottom of screen Notice a new window appears ready to burn the DVD Click “Next” Window appears prompting you to insert a DVD Click “Write”, the DVD will start burning and notify you once complete.

site ref -

Someone at PS Audio might want to update/fix this information - it’s caused me a great deal of wasted time!

On the whole and thanks to you I can say as my Dad used to say, “We’re in business.”

Thanks again guys!

Good catch. I admit I never read the instructions. smile

I figured it out long before these instructions were posted and found UDF 1.02 worked.

So, success. following the instructions in this thread, the first two 96/24 files I burned to DVD-R with Imgburn play just fine. In fact, it sounds to me that these files, when played with the PWT, have a little more precise instrument location in the soundstage than when playing the computer files – which probably only means that in my setup, the chain of computer -> USB -> DAC is not quite as good as the PWT -> AES -> DAC. But who knows. By the way, foobar2000 easily converts many file types to .WAV – FLAC to WAV in my case.

However, I do have access to a Mac. Is is true you can just drag & drop the WAV files with a Mac, instead of going through the Imgburn routines?

Thanks in advance,