Burning dvd audio discs for play in PST

I have tried to burn a DVD+rw for play in PST but it just hangs the machine. It was a real struggle to get it burned with Roxio and the other free software on my win10 machine. Could be fault of burner or software–I need some tips and guidance having never tried this before. I can easily burn cds with the software I have.

Look up “DVD Audio Extractor” software program online. Get the free trial and it will allow you to create true PCM .wav files that you can put on a memory stick and plug into the PW player or you can burn those wav’s as data files that you can spin in the player.


Thanks for the response, Joe. I did not state my problem clearly. I am trying to burn audio onto dvd, not extract it off a DVD. We have had a PST for about a month and love it and it occurred to me that with some classical music that is too long for one cd I could rip the files and burn them onto a DVD-R so that we could listen to Bruckner’s 8th symphony without having to take out the first disc and put the second in. I can think of several other appealing things to put on a music DVD so it would play for 5 or 6 hours like my reel to reel tape recorder of 35 years ago. I struggled to burn 3 Brahms symphonies on one DVD+RW and I did click on DVD-audio in Roxio and the system took a long time, but it wrote 3 symphonies supposedly, but the disc hangs any system I load it on including the computers DVD drive. No music will play and I haven’t figured out how to erase it to start over. It is a lost disc I think. I’m trying to figure out what is amiss, the DVD drive in the Dell or the software, or it might be operator ignorance–can’t ever count that out!

Cheers, John

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Hi John,
Although I can’t offer a solution to your exact problem, I can at least offer an alternative. If you have a copy of the raw .WAV (or .FLAC for that matter), you can pass it directly to your DS DAC via USB cable connected from your PC to the DAC. You just need to download the driver software from PS Audio’s download site and install in your Win10 PC. There are also many ‘player’ apps from which to choose if you don’t already have one installed. VLC is a good freeware player, at least as a starting point. Remember to select the ‘USB’ input on the DAC.

The point of burning a disc is not to play and hear the music, rather to play and hear the music Through The PST.

Just so you know. Playing through the PST is supposed to sound noticeably better than the method you describe. The PST has magical powers.

Thanks Al. Yes I’m familiar with that opinion. It’s just one to which I do not subscribe. :wink:

Ah well, to be precise, most likely the crude USB connection I mentioned would not sound as good as the PST but you’re of course familiar with various methods to make the USB alternative be of similar quality.

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Never tried a dvd-rw but I have burned countless dvd-r discs that work flawlessly. I use windows explorer and just drag the files onto the disc and burn. Just be sure to burn them as a data disc and not an audio disc.

And burn the files in the order you want to listen to them.

I understand the files will otherwise fail to play in the order in which you want to listen to them.

Make sure there aren’t any folders on the DVD either. If there are any folders at all, the player won’t be able to play even the files in the root directory.

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Thanks for all the replies and especially to radioclash and jamesh whose advice is exactly what I needed.

cheers, John