Burning flac Files to DVD to Play on PerfectWave SACD Transport

I just attempted to burn some Hi-Res Flac files to DVD using the “Burn” software on my Mac and selecting the DVD-Audio option. When I placed the newly burned DVD in my PerfectWave SACD Transport it shows up as a “Data” disc.

What did I do wrong?

Are you expecting the PWST to be a DVD-A capable transport? Don’t know what other options are being presented, but have you tried any other as well?

The transport’s features are: SACD/CD/CD-R/CD-RW/DVD-R*/-RW*/+R*/+RW* (*Audio data file only)

PST treats music files on USB and DVD data disk the same way. Not sure about PST will work with DVD Audio or not. Burn flac to DVD as data files will work.

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Thanks to both of you! I’ll burn as a data file and report back!

FYI. Below is from my Oct 2020 post, that my PST at that time takes time to load the data file. Just be aware, and give time for PST to load the data disk.

“…For those testers who will test the DATA disk feature, my observation is this. Depending on what kind of Disk format (DVD+R/-R/RW etc) and how many tracks, it might take awhile for DATA disk to read. Here are some unscientific timing number I have. From disk stars to spin to the display show track 1

  • Music CD. 13 tracks. 7 seconds
  • Music SACD 12 tracks 7 seconds
  • DVD+RW. 4 tracks 22 seconds
  • DVD-R. 18 tracks. 17 seconds
  • DVD+R. 32 tracks 57 seconds.


I rarely play music files directly from USB or DVD disk. Since I do not have a highend/high-revealing hifi system, PST (+ DSDAC) playing CD is as good as SACD as my ears can tell, I burn my music files to standard music CD.

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Did you burn them as FLAC files? If so, try converting them to AIFF.