Something has been puzzling me; MAC USB 1.0 or USB 2.0

Anything I have read seems to say I do not need a USB driver on a MAC, that the MAC will automatically load the correct USB driver, and this will be identified as USB 1.0. There is a USB 2.0 driver on the downloads section of this website, and that is for Windows.

But, smack in the middle of the “How to build a music server” article ( is a picture which shows “Audio Output Device: PSAudio USB 2.0”.

I am trying & failing to get my MacMini-JRiver to output DSD to my DS, and other DSD capable DACs (Benchmark DAC2HGC) via USB. I do have a copy of Bitperfect installed also.

Bit Perfect will not allow DSD play unless you first convert the DSD track using Bit Perfect’s DSD Master software. It’s the one drawback of Bit Perfect I’ve found and it’s a pain in the ass. But once converted it works flawlessly. The whole process is necessary because all DSD files, in any case, have to be first converted to DoP - this allows a computer to be fooled into thinking the file is PCM (which it is not). JRiver converts DSD to DoP on the fly, but Bit Perfect dos not. This must be done manually.

Go to the Apple store and get a copy of DSD Master. Convert your DSD files using that program and you’ll be cool.

Thanks for that Paul. I probably have a more basic problem. Following a suggestion elsewhere I tested whether the 5M cable I am using might be a contributor and sure enough USB 2 popped straight up when I tried a shorter cable.

And yes there are plenty of posts on good and bad USB cables, just didn’t think they applied to me!!

That is a very long cable and at the limit. If you need a cable this long, try an active USB cable. This should resolve the issue.

Wouldn’t have known enough to look it up, but there it is;

Active Extension Cable

Hi I’m using a
ROLINE GOLD USB 2.0 cable type A-B 4,5m

Looks nice and works properly. Imostlx enjoy now hearing gapless music with Directstream and JRiver. To avoid any trouble I preferred 4,5 meter length.

I bought a 5m Nordost Blue Heaven and it works. Enjoyed some DSD128 Eric Bibb and stuff from 2L. Sound quality seemed obviously better, more than I expected.