Help with high THD in my area

So far today it’s just under 6%. They had it down to 5% when they were testing so we know it’s possible.

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I am 60 miles northwest of NYC in Warwick New York my THD in runs around 3.5% I do have Solar on my roof 10k watts but being grid connected it is the same day and night occasionally it will get close to 4% but rarely. With the P 15 always .1 out

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The south shore of Long Island NY.

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Why do you have your output voltage set below 120 volts?

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It just sounds better set below 120 volts.

That is weird! Maybe that has something to do with your high thd in!

Yes I don’t get it either but it just sounds better. Maybe hi THD with my tube gear?

5.4 IN
0.7 OUT
I share secondary with 3 solar installs.
Winter is when I get my lowest out.

Double ouch! :face_with_head_bandage:

Most power amplifiers have unregulated power supplies. The operating point of the amplifier is dependent on the DC rail voltage which in turn is based on the AC line voltage if lacking any voltage regulation.

So 118 volt is the sweet spot for your amp. I doubt the difference is dramatic but I can see why this would happen. Especially if a tube amp. Tube amps step up the line voltage to 400-600 volts so a few volts change on the AC line makes a hIgher percentage change on the DC rails.

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I am running tube amplifiers this would explain why 118-119 sounds better. Thank you for the explanation much appreciated…

Well it’s just s theory but I think it’s plausible.

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Thanks everyone who provided the numbers. I passed it on to our power company lineman.