HIFI club Viborg Denmark - From club meeting

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Nice Gradient Revolution Speakers. What amplification is being used?

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Next week I will just put some text and some more photos.


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Michael: Looking forward to it. The reason I ask as one of my systems has the Gradient Revolution speakers.

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Usually the positioning as in the first picture sounds superior at shows with problematic rooms…just very few do it for whatever reason.


Unfortunately, we do not have the best rooms. But despite that, the club is trying to do its best.
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My positioning is with the front baffle out from the rear wall about 48 inches. I have used them closer to the wall, but pulling them out provides a deeper soundstage. Currently with no toe-in. The soundstage with Gradients tends to be locked in between the speakers, but deep. They are about 100 inches apart on center.

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Gradient Revolutions are really,really good Finnish speakers. Too bad their head designer Jorma Salmi passed away some time ago. If that bass is not enough for bigger rooms,they have active model with originally Gamut made crossovers. Then you can add those bass panels as many as you like / can fit in the room stacked in pairs :grin:

Nice setups,but hard looking rooms :thinking:
One of our best known audio gear reviewer / tester has those with four extra bass pairs,so two stacks per side plus huge active subwoofers :laughing:


I do enjoy mine quite a bit. Top to bottom frequency response is great with nothing jumping out. Both the top and the bottom ends are slightly rolled off, down 6 db at 32 hz, and 6 db at 18 kHz. Not airy sounding or best for lowest organ pedal notes. Fantastic for jazz IMHO.