Photos from Viborg HiFi club Denmark

"Today it’s a week since I gave good taste to the sound of Viborg HiFi club. For those who would like to listen further, I am now in place with a setup of TW-ACOUSTIC grammofon + Lyra KLEOS, Atma-Sphere MP-3 Pipe Preamplifier / Riaa. Power Amplification via Atma-Sphere M-60 / MA-1 OTL Pipe Amplifier - or Transistor Amplifier from Pass Labs (XA-160) or Viola Audiolabs (CADENZA + SYMPHONY). The speakers are PBN M2! 5 as well as Stage Accompany M-57 speakers. "



PBNAudio from the United States.

The company is based in San Diego and was established in 1992 by Dane Peter Nørbæk, who emigrated to the United States in 1986. These are extremely conservative constructions based on the best units from, among others, Dynaudio, JBL, SB-Acoustic, Scanspeak.

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Hi Michael, was the room designed that way, or from necessity? I’m talking about the slanted ceilings above the speakers. What is that blue component between the Pass amp?

Hey the other day in Paul’s Posts, that was not a shot at you, but of our resident know-it-all. I have no title, but if I did it would either be the protector, or the sensitive one, or maybe even the fool.
A little love from USA - Jeff

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The house where the HIFI club holds their meeting is built like that. They do not have a room for their many activities so it’s at a school. There was work on new rooms for them. The blue apparat is an amplifier designed for audio studios, etc., from

Here it is used for bass and as DSP device. Afterwards the equipment is divided into several smaller listening rooms, etc.and as crossover etc.
2 x 1600watt 8-Ohm according to Class D requirements.
Advanced but logically built DSP with crossover and EQ presets for SA speakers.
All audio circuits are at Stage Accompany optimized for high-end and study quality.
Passive cooling for no noise.

As an example here

Live for the music


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I may not be able to answer any questions right away. Since I am very busy with two new big floor loudspeaker models there are almost finished prodigy and there will be the world’s perimere at the end of the year. But I turn back aside and answer when there is time. Pardon

More love from DK

Thanks to importers, retailers and private people who lend their credit to demostrations. For good reason - I have nothing to do with the sale of the products or I’m paid in any way by the different importers etc. This is a hobby and is to show how we do in our country. It may be that I use the products shown in one way or another. So it’s not advertising etc but to show others the products we play with “when we are young children” lol

More love Michael

Thanks for the reports Michael!. That looks like an impressive setup and collections of components and speakers. I wish I was there to hear it!

You are welcome if you come to Denmark. On April 21, we will hold a meeting. It is a big flock that builds their own speakers. I want to see if there is something exciting that I looked up again. Thanks for the sweet words.