More subjective opinions, but unencumbered by the need for advertising dollars.
Anybody reading it?

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No, but now I want an orange Kuzma.


My orange Kuzma is on the FedEx truck. Upon arrival I’ll name it Orange Crush.


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Ha! Good one.

I also want one of these Vitus amps. My grey one is pretty dull lookin’.


Clashes with the feet, I’d prefer them in blood orange.

Want mine in British Racing Green

Downloaded the sample release, will read later.

In the contents I saw the maybe most similar looking speaker to the FR30.

I really liked the look of my old Vitus amp, too. I think it was a prototype, no commercial version. It had the really expensive large white can-like caps inside and encapsulated, grouted transformers, much better parts than Gryphon at the time.


I’ve been a subscriber for many years. Unencumbered by Advertising doesn’t mean unbiased; over time you’ll notice a clear bias in favour UK brands and expensive hardware, and no qualms about giving writing space for audiophile tweaks that have, shall we say, very dubious “value”. This is despite the fact that they have the best writers with solid Engineering backgrounds compared to all other audio Magazines; although those writers invariably always avoid contributing to those types of articles. Martin Colloms is more Robert Harley (TheAbsoluteSound) than John Atkinson (Stereophile), which is a huge disappointment, IMHO.

I don’t know if I could dislike their website more. I suppose it could be worst if the background was puce and then text fuchsia. Though that might help.