Hifi Rose 250 - way of connecting I2S to Directstream

I did a search and couldn’t find any info about this so I am posting for anyone interested. I have a Kitsune modded Singxer SU-1. I previously used with my computer and also a Intona usb 2.0 isolater. This weekend I took the Rose 250 usb out, ran it through the Intona and then usb into to Singxer SU-1 outputting I2S into the Directstream MK1. It works perfectly and so far has given me the best sound out of Rose 250. Much better than usb straight out to Directstream. For my ears any bit of digital glare is vanished, has all the details and sounds analog. Of course YMMV, to each their own.

Do you have the MKI or MKII DAC?

I have MK1 version.

Oh did I miss that or did you update? Lol.

Yea the MK1 with the Singer DDC will sound better than w/o. I2S in MKI is better than usb by a significant margin.

Lol…after you asked me I updated. So you get the credit. Thanks!

Visited a friend today to discover if the dac section (Sabre ES9038pro) of his Rose 150b could be outperformed by his DS mkI which was stored after purchasing the Rose. Keep or sell the DS, that was the question…

Went there loaded with proper aes/ebu and power cables, Matrix x-spdif 2 and fully upgraded Farad Super 3 power supply (redundant to me after upgrading to dCS Vivaldi Apex;-).

Just the use of aes to feed the DS from the Rose didn’t bring much profit. Yes there was difference, but doubtfully enough convincing to withhold the DS.

However, Rose-usb via the Matrix / Farad Super 3 to feed the DS through I2S produced completely different results for the better. The soundstage opened up and there was more of everything, and I mean the good stuff; wider soundstage, more depth, less smearing, better defined (i.e. bass & voice), coherence, consistency and presence.

I left the stuff to play around with some more (and advised him to dismantle the BridgeII) before making a definite decision.

Suppose the DS will be a keeper, happily in love with the Rose 150b