Hifi Rose RS150 - Anybody use one with their Directstream Dac?

Looking ahead a bit (and disaster planning…)
Year or so away and hoping for Airlens, but just in case This bit of kit has me excited.

Has i2s output, but either RJ45 or DVI

Thinking i2s into the Directstream,
DVI output has 2 selectable modes, Mode A is PS Audio compatible.

Assuming a DVI - HDMI converter cable (with correct pinout) would be easy enough to source?
Wondering if any of us lot have one, and use it that way.

Thanks. :smiling_face:

Mine is plugged directly to M700’s. Sounds great.
RS150B–>M700s–>Scansonic MB6-B’s and a pair of REL S/510 subs.

Thanks Jeff.
Ive a BHK Pre and DS Dac, so should I get one be using strictly as a Streamer.

Do you use Roon with yours?
Wondering if the VU meters work with Roon, and if only using digital outputs rather than analogue outs to an amp.

No Roon. The RS-150B with a 4tb hard drive does it just fine. Can stream, play library, etc. Love it. The internal DAC is very good.

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I have the Rose 150B streaming via USB (AQ Coffee) to the DS Mk II. I use Roon hosted on a 2013 Mac Pro hard wired via Cat5 thru a ethernet switch to the 150B. I tried the I2S connection from the 150B to the Mk II as well. This created a weird phase shift and flipped the L/R channels within the 150B. Probably something I caused but decided to simply use the USB connection foregoing additional troubleshooting on the I2S connection method. I have over 500 hours on the MK II and the sound stage and detail is remarkable. If I had to do over again and if the 150B and the MKII been available at the same time, I would have gone a different direction with a Streamer, maybe similar to what people have mentioned in the MKII What Streamer thread. I do love the connection options out of the 150B as well as the huge touch screen and interface. I plan to either leave in the system when the AirLens hits the market, gift to my son, and switch to the Airlens, or sell the TMR which is 10 minutes drive from me and upgrade to either a Grimm MU1 or DCs Streamer. But for the time being, the 150B into the MKII is exceptional.

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The Rose suddenly got a lot more interesting…

i2s connection is a biggie for me, not 100% the Rose was compatable?
Been watching some reviews on YouTube and this one mentions connection to the Directstream dac specifically, over the Rose’s DVI output.
Job’s a good’un. :+1:

Thanks for that,
great insight.

Can I ask,
do the VU meters work when streaming Roon from your Mac Pro?

VU meters work perfectly while running Roon or any other app within the 150B. Any other streamer might get relegated to the stereo cabinet and out of sight. But the 150B begs to be prominently displayed ;).


Thats really good to know, would bug be having those cool VU’s and not be able to use them!

Back in the day I loved my Slimdevices Transporter, outstanding digital kit and still miss it.
Especially with the big VUs on display, gorgeous things!
Handy the thing sounds so good too.

Wont be using its internal Dac or Pre-outs, so some of the cost is “wasted” on my use case, but to me on top of (apparently) fantastic sound as a Streamer,

Sitting between my DS Dac and BHK Pre, I’m sure its sound will be all I need.
Aside that,
It’s User experience, interface and pride of ownership is this thing’s USP.

Will probably enjoy the hell outta this thing,
… when i get one that is. :smile:

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Mine too, so that makes it a no-go for me, much as I love the look of those VU meters.

It looks totally fun to me! If there were a couple more me, I would have one.


Then, which one is the best of you to upgrade to? :wink:

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For me, upgrades have all been completed. I’d need to be building a seventh system somewhere. I have three systems in each house now, not counting portable gear.

I’m guessing it would be a laundry room system, or a bathroom system, or in the garage, under a car.

I’d want one of these as well:

8 pieces of toast at once!!!


You can keep helping with mine. Technically seventh system!


I have the RS150B as well, though still mostly unused. Or as good as, playing it thru’ a Sonos playbar while my room is being done over.

I didn’t know the Rose was compatible with the PSA’s IS2, plus I’ve opted to place mine closer to the listening position - thus needing 10M cable length. So I’ve gone the balanced route - with options via the BHK Pre; as well as to the DS.

Can’t wait to get my BHK 300’s and Giya Spirits back up & running!

That thing is sick. Want one.


Hear Ya.

Anyone A/B SQ DVI I2S vs USB for the 150B and MK2?

I am only a few thousand miles from you, but eventually you may have to expand your systems to the west coast.

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Just get a Linn Next-generation Klimax DSM and be done with it.

$42,000 USD

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