High Definition Tape Transfer

Some recordings are highlights of our music culture and are loved by generations. Judy Garland at Carnegie Hall, 1961, is such a recording. It is a remarkable tribute to a great artist performing at the top of her game. And, in this newly restored and remastered release from HDTT, it sounds better than it ever has sounded.

John Haley, Harmony Restorations, has worked a miracle in restoring these recordings to give us the complete concert in high definition sound for a truly excellent listening experience. As John told me at one point when discussing what he’d done to create this release in collaboration with Bob Witrak: “I am telling you what I did but don’t want you to be able to notice that I did it!” (my italics added)

Review and John’s technical discussion here. Download here.

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Insanely great concert and recording

This concert is just insanely great. And the recording by Jonathan Horwich, IPI, captures it all with great transparency, dynamics and detail. The opening cut, “Fragments of The Music Goes Round and Round into Oh, Lady Be Good,” sets the standard and the concert just gets better and better. You’d think this was a studio recording except for the audience reactions at the end of each cut, and occasionally interspersed as Goodman has some fun with them. The background is silkily black, Goodman is front and center on the solo sets with big tone, volume and subtle dynamics. It’s a shame Jonathan Horwich’s ran out of tape before being able to complete the last movement of the Malcolm Arnold… such a loss because the performance of movements 1 and 2 are wonderful. Running at 30ips has to be a huge challenge in time management. With a live performance it must be about impossible. In Pure DSD256, this is a marvelous transfer and a tremendous gift to have this concert. What a great musician and performer!

Recorded live to 30ips 2-track tape in 1980 and transferred to Pure DSD256. This is another sonic wonder from IPI via HDTT. (download here)


Do you enjoy excellent organ recordings? Here’s one for you. The music selections are delightful, the performances are just top-drawer, and the sound quality is right among the top ranks of the best captured organ I’ve had in my collection. The C.B. Fisk tracker organ is an absolute delight. Yes, I am biased to the north German school of organs. I love tracker organs. This organ is in just beautiful condition and tonality. What an absolute JOY to hear it. And to hear it in such excellent sound quality just thrills me to no end. There is unfortunately just a bit of veiling from the DBX encoding, but the value returned is excellent dynamic range and very low noise. I’ll certainly take that trade-off for these wonderful performances and the sound of this simply delightful organ. (Available from HDTT here)

Transferred from the original analogue dbx-encoded 2-track 15ips master tapes to DSD128.

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