High end speakers, acoustic guitar and a guy who plays the fingers to the bones

Came across this video:

This guy is an artist. Amazing, the sound and rhythm. Who said high end speakers are no good for life performance?


That guy is really talented! Not surprised by the speaker performance.

F-ing WAUW…!!!

Hoi Ronald Lang niet gesproken, dat is mooi hè.

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@Paul, this guy might be a good candidate for your studio and octave, really.

His name is:

If you have time watch the video and be amazed.

Great artist. Horn loaded drivers are used virtually exclusively in any live rig. The compression/horn driver configuration is something that brings with it, a unique delivery of dynamics that even large arrays cannot match. But the real true test of any setup, is to reproduce a sound that rivals the live performance. When your configuration has the speaker itself disappear, then you know you’re getting close. I do use compression/horn configuration for my setup, and wouldn’t trade them for anything.

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Quiz: Who said this about horns: “My theories on audio and audio reproduction will be proven wrong only when the laws of physics change.”

C’mon… only if you know… Google is cheating.

Bruce in Philly

Paul Klipsch?

I don’t know the answer. There is something to be said for any kind of transducer. I was impressed by this demo.

Since this thread is in the Music section, did you notice the artist and music when you were watching the video? Incredible how he generated that span of tone and rhythm and still made it sound like music.

Chevy Chase? :thinking::smile:

Interestingly, in recent U.S. audio shows Audio Note UK has enlisted the aid of cellist Vincent Belanger to do something similar. He will play a piece live from one of his recordings, and when he’s done the same piece will be played on the Audio Note system. It too is quite impressive. Not to say one is better than the other (I’ve also heard the Avantgardes many times), but it’s quite curious to see how there’s more than one way to “peel an onion” in the world of audio.

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I use a set of monitors designed by the famed JBL engineer Greg Timbers. It is a modified horn design from Altec and uses a compression driver of JBL design.

Vincent plays the Canadian Audio Fest most years. The “is it real or recorded performance is really enjoyable”. This years show starts this Friday. I’m attending and I hope that he plays.