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Too good to be true with basically no inductance or capacitance in the audible frequency range? Hard to say. Makes one wonder what the folks at PSA have to say based on recent updates to the IRS V addressing low frequency Emit break-up mode. This video got me to wondering if all said is true could these new planar magnetic drivers be a part of the new PSA FRS series speaker? Time will tell, and hopefully here is some truth to all that was presented.

Also, an interesting connected, moving the bass towers to the rear of the room and connecting them out of phase. Room dependent to be sure.

You had to be with me in the room that day. He showed me the original EMIT driver versus what he built which drops like a rock below 60Hz but extends beyond 20kHz.

Here are his measurements. Corydon along with his Son Bob & myself will be at RMAF in October with his finished prototypes.

With a REL Subwoofer to augment the Bass (he’ll be using two at RMAF).

Should be interesting, can you share additional details regarding availability and pricing?

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Hi weedeewop,

You can email Corydon Johnson ( for pricing and lead times.

All the Best,
Joe Goswami