High Fidelity

Has any tried the High Fidelity MC O.5? I put one on my dedicated 20 amp line that feeds my power amp and WOW well worth the money. Right out of the case big improvement with no break in. Base got tighter and sound out of the rear of the sound stage moved forward. I have tried the fuse craze, this was much more effect and easy to use.

No, I was not familiar with this line of products. Can you compare it to any other power line devices?

I attended Rick Schultz demo on High Fidelity cables last year in CA audio show. He held a demo on magnetic conduction using light bulb. Leaving behind the physics behind all this technology, the sound in that room (and what matters to most of us) was very impressive to say the least. The cables/interconnects are all high $$$ value though and he doesn’t have balanced version of the interconnects yet (which is all I use in my system). Haven’t heard the MC 0.5.

Hello the Mc O.5 are not that expensive. The more you buy and the price comes down. Its not a cable but a wall wart if you will, plugs into any out let. I think when i get a few more i will try and plug them in to the unused plugs on my P10. the one i plugged into my dedicated 20 amp line that feeds my amp made a big difference for the better. I think they have a 30 day return policy, but check their web sight to make sure. I also met Rick of High fidelity cables at last years Newport show Ca. His room was very impressive and he did not have High End electronics. His top of the line power cords and top of the line speaker cable and interconnects are way to expensive for me. The MC O.5 are in my price range and they work…

Rick is a fun guy to talk to.

@Dev: Did you get ahold of James from Belden?

Yes, indeed. I has sent you a PM.

I own the HFC CT-1 speaker cables.

Started with 1 and now i am up to 16 MC O5 in my system. It just gets better each time i add one. 7 on my power amp line ,7 on my power line that feeds my power conditioner and 2 plugged into the open sockets of the power conditioner.

Mike Garner of Tweek Geek has this review of the Ultimate balanced ICs recently released by High Fidelity. Very complimentary, and I have found Mike’s viewpoint valuable to me in making certain purchase decisions. The Ultimate goes for just under $8k for 1m, the Ultimate Reference a tad more than $14k, while the Ultimate Reference Helix are over $20k. One thing I found interesting about the reviews I read is that they focus on some of the same type of characteristics that are so persuasive with the Iconcoclast: leading transients, coherence, imagery, soundstage.

I have a one meter pair of the High Fidelity CT-1 RCA Interconnects I paid $1600 dollars, and a pair RCA Magnet Adapters I paid $300 would be willing to sell. Any reasonable offer will be considered.

I actually wrote the review here:


Pretty much anyone I’ve shown the MC-0.5 to have purchased at least 2. Seems to work better off the outlet rather than on the conditioners themselves. They work. I’ve only used a maximum of 2 but some seem to enjoy having 10+ MCs in their system.

That said, I’ll be reviewing some PSA gear soon and was wondering if anyone had A/B’ed the P10 with the HFC MC-6 Hemisphere? The power in this building is of pretty bad quality and I do like the idea of regenerating the signal (which the MC-6 doesn’t do). Think I’ll need to get a hold of a P10 soon…

Just added mc .5 on unused outlet in parallel with AC-5 cable feeding my Dectet. Nice improvement! More of a 3D soundstage, when removed it sounds flat in comparison.

Tried in spare High Current slot in Dectet and there was improvement but not as much as in parallel slot in unused outlet next to main power cable.