High Impedance Headphones

Very impressed with what I hear about the Sprout.

The one question I have is how would it do driving my high 2kOhm headphones? (Sennheiser HD-424.)

Yes, they are old, but are still my goto pair of non-earbud phones.


Okay, interesting question. My guess is that if they work with most any other headphone amp they should work the same with the headphone output of the Sprout. No, I don’t have a Sprout but just making an educated guess. There is nothing special about the headphone output of the Sprout, it is much the same as any other.

Oh, yes… Welcome to the PS Audio forum.


It sounds great, but I think naenka lite is the best headset I have ever used

My AKG K-1000 is 120 ohms. Ordinary phones plugs on amplifiers and preamplifiers never worked properly.