High quality, highly recommended IN PRINT vinyl

Recently, while perusing the What Are You Spinning thread, I came across the Cannonball Adderley album Know What I Mean? I checked it out on Tidal and really loved what I heard. I’m just getting back into vinyl, so I decided to buy the LP. Not being very informed, I bought a Wax Time copy on Discogs. Boy, was that a mistake. The condition was mislabeled, and the SQ was terrible. The noise floor was up in the roof :):frowning_face:
I’ve since learned that Wax Time is a European label and they exploit EU copyright laws to re-release records–and that many are from CDs since they don’t have the original masters.

All this is to say, can any of you expert vinyl heads recommend a good version for me to pick up. I really want to hear a clean version of this recording. Thanks so much!

p.s. another reason to include the name of the artist and album in text, not just a photo: I couldn’t search to find where the album was mentioned in the very long thread. Words are searchable, but images are not.

Get the Music Matters reissue!

I sorry, I confused it…Know what I mean is only available as great version in 2x45RPM Analogue Productions.

Out of print, but available still Is say

Don’t know if there’s also a later 33RPM AP.

Thanks! I see one on Discogs for $135. Sheesh! I like it but I don’t know that I need it that bad. What are your thoughts about Original Jazz Classics (OJC) pressings? Much more reasonably priced.

Interestingly, the Analogue Productions record is out of stock unless you buy the Bill Evans boxset for $600.

That pricing is absurd in my humble opinion. Out of whack. Popcorn at the movie theater bad.

OJC are usually ok, can be quite good. But if you don’t buy the expensive AP LP you should take an AP remaster on digital media…will be better than the OJC LP.

Do you have any insight why labels such as AP don’t do another run if they sell out. Book publishers print a new edition when they sell out a run. Selling out is a good thing, no? I really don’t understand the economics of this space.

It’s a question of licensing running out and available again as well as potential commercial success with a follow up.

Sometimes they do as with the Bill Evans box.

With records it’s always „buy now or cry later“, especially with titles which are not among those which are reissued all over again, even by the top remastering studios (like some Blue Notes)

IMPEX reissue mastered by Kevin Gray.

Get it as long as it’s still available. It’s among the best Miles music wise imo and among the best sounding Miles reissues. It’s a must have and better than any other version of it. And it’s live!

I also love my oop Mosaic box of it with add. titles, but for the main titles this is best.


I am going to buy this one; thanks!

IMPEX re-issue the three blind mice 45 box set, still available; Mastered by Tohru Kotetsu and Kevin Gray and pressed at RTI; The music and quality of the replay just amazing; fullsizeoutput_1122 fullsizeoutput_1124 fullsizeoutput_111e


My purchase of IMPEX Record’s Miles Davis in Person at the black hawk San Franciso is still in back order; Just got this news feed today in email related to Impex Records; Surprised it was REL’s article;


My absolute favorite singer/songwriter artist. Fantastic music and sound. This is afaik the best sounding release and hopefully still in print!

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Everything I’ve received from VMP (vinyl me please) has been outstanding. Best modern pressings with wide choice of music.

Thanks for this recommendation! I found this tidbit on the web: “Young, fresh faced and, in fact, quite beautiful, Martyn became the first white solo performer to sign to Chris Blackwell’s soon to be legendary Island label.

I’ve been a lover of Jamaican music for 40 years, and fan of Island Records but had never heard of Martyn.

revealing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O8Blccc0PM0

Great, hope you like it, his very first albums are partly a bit too reduced acoustical for my taste, but Solid air is gorgeous as well as later electrified works like the album Cooltide with the track Jack the lad and similar…check this song!

Kevin Gray mastered a recent Blue Note project for them which I unfortunately missed.

In case you have Art Blakey & Sabu / Spotlight on drums from VMP and sell it…I’ll buy!

Sorry don’t have that one just joined vmp.

I recently got Music Matters SRX releases and pretty happy about quality; Well done mastering and pressing: Still available on MM website, all 12 of them;