How do these pressings sound?

I’m starting a “how do these pressings sound” thread to ask questions as I know many of us are researching which pressings are better than others, and could use feedback when it is known. This would be a potential way to point folks to the best (or at least better) pressings where two or more exist.

For those of you that have KNOWN great sounding pressings, we have the following threads to reference:

First up are two less well known one-steps. It appears one is in stock at AS and the other backorder.

In stock:

Not in stock:

Does anyone own these pressings and willing to share thoughts on them?

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I can share that the following two direct to disc pressings from Berlin Meister Schallplatten label are outstanding and fantastic, engaging music as well.



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Have raved on another thread about this Impex 1Step pressing of Pat Barber’s Cafe Blue:

Mine is SN 487. I’m keenly interested how often certain processes (e.g. 1Step, D2D, MoFi Master Recordings … the early JVCs, etc.) get praise. Willing to bet a pattern emerges.


2nd your call there.


Thank you @kcleveland123 and @owlsalum for the references.

I’ve updated my original post to clarify this thread is mainly for asking/answering questions on pressings & posted the other threads where we can share our great sounding vinyl.

I think I’ve PM’d folks with questions one too many times, and by doing it this way, it’ll get it out here to share with others as well.


The thread and its limitation is a great idea!

Those two I didn’t decide to buy on vinyl because the music was not that important for me, so unfortunately in this case I can’t help.

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I have the Impex One Step, the Doug Sax remaster and the Mofi 45 RPM on vinyl as well as the Mofi SACD, the unmastered DSD and the Doug Sax DSD as sold from AcousticSounds as digital versions.

The Mofi releases and seemingly also the AcousticSounds DSD come from the initial mix with lots of reverb, the other two from the 2011 remix without or at least much less reverb.

The ones with reverb sound much more spectacular, also in ambiance and depth than the dry ones.

Of the dry ones the One Step is the best in terms of dynamics, transients, detail, immediacy, soundstage/imaging. It has more than all others and maybe a little too much EQ on top end, but that’s system dependent.

Of the initial mix ones, the Mofi vinyl is clearly the best and really sounding spectacular and a little better balanced than the One Step, if not with as sharp transients etc.

So wet or dry is a preference question. As I like the EQ choices of the Mofi better and as the spectacular, reverb drenched soundstage is quite much more fascinating, I personally prefer the Mofi vinyl. But the dynamic, immediate, dry sound of the One Step is also very very good.

The digital versions are behind all of the vinyl ones, but with very similar characteristics of both mixes.


Agree with your feedback and it definitely comes down to personal preference- I normally like the MoFi house sound, but feel like it is slightly too much for my taste on this one (I sit in a more near field setting about 74 inches from each speaker). Although I like both, I slightly prefer the Impex one-step - I do agree the top end can be slightly too much at times - that is really my only criticism of the Impex.

Yes, I also sit in near field. Both have their merits. The reverb is artificial, but the whole recording is rather „produced“ than very authentic, that’s why I don’t struggle too much with the reverb and see it as a spectacular exaggeration of the whole concept. Both are so good that it makes sense to hear them alternately. And the unmastered digital release is also interesting for those who want to know what mastering means. A lot of what we call „magic“ is done after the recording.

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In case someone thinks about the new Kevin Gray mastering of Nina Simone/Jazz as played in an exclusive side street club. Forget it against the Analogue Productions releases of Ryan K. Smith.

The new one has an annatural, too loud, undefined and centered bass, As Kevin Gray usually doesn’t make such bad sounding releases, something must have gone wrong somehow. I guess sometimes those guys these days have too little time to work on the settings. It’s partly 30 minutes or less.

So this one? If so, unfortunately it appears to be out of print, so secondary market only.

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This is the best one, yes. Not sure if the 33 RPM of it might be easier to get. I have both. The 45 RPM makes sense as the quality is outstanding and the piano partly hot cut in one channel.

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Kurt - are these the two you referenced?

Yes sir.

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Interesting how her voice is super left on this recording.

Let’s leave politics out of this… :grinning:


Is the AP 45RPM pressing or the newer one released this year that Kevin Grey mastered have the off center voice? I’ve not yet ordered.

The Best sound quality LP I’ve bought in a very long time. With all the right names, Rudy Van Gelder, Kevin Gray, Joe Harley.

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She’s always left in this one. At least in the several I have/heard.

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