Fuses and their Places in the system

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hope the community is staying healthy. This topic I am certain has been discussed, however I have not been able to find a thread of conversation in the forum. My tweaking and upgrading continue as I now move into fuse fun. My system is a complete PS Audio rig- BHK Pre/BHK250/P15/DS DAC and Stellar phono. I am looking to pick up some Blk or Orange Synergistic Research fuses, but lost as to where to start. Obviously, I am looking to make the biggest impact first-So…I call upon all those who have played around with various sources/equipment and positions. Look forward to hearing from you.

In my setup I realized the most bang for the buck in this order:

BHK250 - all six are important but rails seem to make the most improvement.

I can’t speak to the phono preamp.


It may also be helpful to look back on your experience with power cords.

If I had nothing else to go on, I would first put fuses into those components which were most benefited by a power cord.


Interesting enough. that is why I ask. I just upgraded PCs in my system and the 2x that benefited most were the P15 and bhk250 to the P15. The two components that the dealer suggested I look at last. My DAC PC was recently installed and still burning in.

Since there’s only one way to know, which is to install and listen to each component, I feel most comfortable suggesting the P15 first. The concept being, the P15 sets the foundation for everything that’s plugged into it. If it’s happier, so are they.


From an electrical perspective the breaker should have the most impact on sound in the Power Plants, the fuse being secondary.

In concept I agree, just try each component and listen…and don’t drive yourself crazy because each and every component and cable and fuse et al all effect all other components.

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Strange, today I inserted my first ever audiophile fuse, into my server. Innuos suggest it. SR Black 3.15v. Chosen because it was on a discount, I was feeling gullible, but not overly so. Until you mentioned fuses I forget I’d put it in, and it was only 6 hours ago.
The packaging says it takes 300 hours to burn in, like I’m going to sit here for 300 hours wondering about a fuse. It also said it’s directional and I should swap it around to see which way sounds best. In the UK we call that taking the piss. Just my thoughts as an investor in the fuse business.


that is funny. the thought of repositioning would make sense from a marketing perspective knowing full well that (most) audiophiles love to tinker and experiment, so likely to be accepting of it. I do not want to say I am not a believer until I at the very least give it a whirl. Seeing as it cost way less than other tweaks, why not?

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Hi Brett,

Are there things that can be done at the breaker? I hadn’t thought of that, but you certainly have a point.

Not that I’m aware of. It would be a modification for sure.

I’ve found the SQ improvements made by fuses to be relatively significant but not on the order of better crossover parts or better source or improving room response.

I would make sure everything else is up to snuff first and then use them like spice. I know it’s tempting as they are fairly inexpensive and easy but I sure wouldn’t recommend starting there.

I guess the connection could be checked, to make sure there is a tight connection of the wire to the breaker.

Anyone wondering about the quality of the fuses included in PS Audio’s Power plants:

I recently tried some cheap ceramic fuses from amazon. The stock fuse is a LOT better, sound is clearer, with better focus, a more open sound, and that’s with only 24 hours on them.

I’ll post a link of what I bought, but I do not recommend these fuses:

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Has anyone found a fuse to blow simply by turning on their regenerator (assuming everything plugged into it is turned off)?

This happened to me last night and I was puzzled by it. The (stock) fuse was only a week old.

I’ve had fuses blow when turning on a device for the first time even one that didn’t draw any current, sometimes a fuse is just faulty and blows for no good reason

OK, that makes sense, thanks Jim.

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I had one blow a few weeks ago that had been installed for 3 years. Ran fine, and then I wiggled a power connector at the P10 and the fuse blew in the BHK preamp.

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Yesssss!! I discovered this 3 years ago and was never able to convince Paul or anyone of the significance. I used the HiFi Tuning Supreme 3 on the rails, and the results seemed stunning right off the bat.

I’ve always wondered if the BHK250 came up to the levels of the BHK300’s after the 250’s rail fuses were changed.

For a while I thought I was the only one. Thanks for confirming I wasn’t crazy.



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No way bhk250 comes even close to 300 monos just like that but I use same hi-fi tuning silver fuses in my 250 rails and they sound pretty good there to me. I haven´t compared them to any others but I like them over stock ones,sure.

How many are on the rails? What value should I be looking for?

There are 4 rail fuses rated at 10A fast blows.