Fuses for ps-audio model

Hello, there are many thread about fuses…

I’ve read that those who have bought some consider there are tremendous upgrades and are directionnal (if anyone can explain me this, I would learn a lot).

I’d like the opinion of @Paul and @tedsmith.

Would an expensive fuse ($150) really upgrade the sound of PS-Audio stuff ? I have to admit I’m a bit pessimistic having seen a lot of even more expensive discoveries nobody would remember now (such as valves sounding better if the glass is blue). All lacked scientific explanations.

If Paul and Ted consider it is a plus, could they please let us know if fuses have to be slow burn or fast burn and the sweet spot of the fuse.

I guess it could be great to have answers for the following:

  • Stellar
  • Power Plants
  • Transports
  • DACs
  • BHK Pre
  • BHK Amp
  • Phono Pre
  • others I have forgotten.

Thanx to Paul and Ted (who has chosen the best fuses he could afford).

Sorry for my mistakes and errors, I have high fever :face_with_thermometer:

The fuse values are not a user choice. They are determined by PS Audio Engineers. They are in the specifications for the individual products. As for the their merits, everyone has an opinion. There are numerous threads addressing personal successes with various brands here on the forum and waiting for the inquisitive.

There are two ant thread, more about fuses than PS-Audio devices. PS-Audio sometimes are sometimes limited by production costs.
Anyway, that doesn’t answer my first question.
Something similar to what has been done for cables would be interesting and much easily to do. The personnal successes of other people are of very limited interest for me. I’ve read tons of personal successes those 40 past years. Why those products have disappeared ? That why I’m mainly interested in @Paul and @tedsmith opinions.

PS Audio doesn’t use cheapo fuses that you might find in a household appliance. But they don’t use fuses that cost $1000 either. Just like power cords, interconnects, speaker wire…, many people prefer to choose their own so it’s probably silly for PS Audio to spend too much money on users accessible and upgradable items when many (most?) will be set aside for upgrades.

There are plenty of threads with people’s experiences, the best thing to do IMO is to read their posts, get to know their systems, their preferences, perhaps the music they listen to and then you’ll be in a much better position to correlate their experiences with your own.

Make sure you use a fuse that matches the specs - if you don’t bad things can happen. The fuse specs are in the manuals.


I havent seen the fuse specs on many manuals. Most of the time, I saw it at the back of the unit.
When I needed a fuse for my P5, I wanted to replace the burned one with the same model. I asked PS-Audio to get the references. So I replace it with a 50 cents one. It must be more expensive that the one burnt.
I thought youd have been listening to many fuses but obviously it is not the case.
PS Audio doesnt spend mony on any component : most are cheap chinese, incluing the transformers. It’s probably silly to PS Audio to keep on manufacturing products when many (most ?) will buy .another brand.
There is an intresting video by Ted when he tries to explain what an audiophile switch is useless (lacks a bit of basic theory) but none about fuses.