Holo Audio: one of the best dacs ever? J Atkinson, H Reichert, S Deckert, M Lavorgna, GoldenSound, D Abramson and the Stereophile reviewers think so. Stereophile A+ and POY 2020

Hi Davida…my follow up that Lonson posted pretty much sums up my take on the D10X…Only now… almost one year later… it even sounds better with all the burn in time. It still excites me every time I sit down and listen to it!

As far as selling the DS…I wanted to down size some so I sold off the DMP and DS for a one box solution…As much as I “liked” the DS/DMP…I “love” the Luxman!


mark-d thank you for taking the time to reply and share…

I did read the linked post Lonson put up for me…

Thanks guys…

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Let us know about your blind AB when you have a chance, goblue, it’s an interesting experience.


Hey Davida, I experimented a bit today with SW and MW on my P20.

First of all, the P20 rocks, it’s amazing :star_struck:.

As far as settings, I have to agree with Paul.
Once again, he is right …
Anyway, in my system, MW 6 is the way to go : more 3D, more air, more like the live event.
YMMV, etc.


Hey Phil you gave it a go…sorry it didn’t show up with your system.
It really is a ymmv type of thing…

Thanks for giving it a go!!!
And yes the P20 rocks!!!

Best wishes

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Yes I tried sine, mw4 and mw6, and in the end, I preferred mw6.

Paul McG has always advised MW 6, did you know that ?

Be well, friend, and enjoy the music :notes:

What’s your favorite setting on your power plant ?


Thanks Phil…for me depending on the recording…
for the most part my P15 is set to sine wave…as this provides
my ears with the most open airy and dynamics…on the other hand
truly some albums are needing drive which multi wave provides
starting level 4 and up…sounds then become more solid and impactful.,
yet at the perceived expense to my ears…the air, space and dynamics

Multi wave 1-3 settings are closer to sine wave. MW 1 being the closest to sine wave in sq…

A P20 would even be better…just that as of now my lower back
could not heft it around…hard enough to get P15 and then JC5 into

Best wishes Phil and a great day to all!!!


Thanks @davida, my audiophile and power plant buddy.

I wonder what setting other people use, especially if they have a power plant and a Holo?

@goblue, @Orosie, @dawkinsj, etc. I know you have Holos, but I don’t know if you have a power plant …

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Stellar P3 for front end on Multi Wave.

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You’re right Phil, I get the same reaction from my P20 as well, also I set auto phase tune and it came up to be 0. Have you tried that?

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Yes for sure. I’ve actually already ran the test but since I only have one source I had to use different inputs on each DAC (usb on one and spidif on the other). To get around that issue I plan to just buy splitter so that I can run both DACs off the same signal. I was able to independently level match each input on the Trinnov and that was a big help.

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I am a Sine waver too on my P20. Multiwave higher settings muddies the sound. I am guessing its a function of how big the caps are in the amp and how fast you are draining them. Anything past a two starts to flatten my sound field. It might also be the Holo DAC difference. I am still running a tweaked out modded DS. My system is Big power transformers and large Caps everywhere.

The more efficient newer stuff probably needs to keep there Smaller caps charged. They are all about fast. I did shut my P20 off again moving speakers and shorting red and black legs of speaker wires. The amp loved the low impedance dip and sucked the P20 dry into over current mode. Decided was time for a teflon sheet between the spades. All is well. Did appreciate the P20 cutting amp off before it hit protection mode.


Hi @mark-d and @Baldy. I just checked on hifishark, and I have the lowest sale price in Europe for a DS Snr with bridge 2. It’s as good as new, not a scratch. 43% of current MSRP.
My dealer is selling it for me, and has a long experience. He also gives a 30 day warranty to the buyer.
He told me that the summer is always slow, and the season is only starting. His advice is to wait and see. I am fortunate because I can afford to wait as long as it takes. So wait and see it is, then.

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Patience is a virtue.
It will sell sooner or later but a lower price will guarantee a quicker sale. $2800 USD will get it sold quickly if the money is needed for other uses.

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Thank you for trying and sharing, Clifton. We learn by sharing our experiences.

I just tried autotune twice, and I get 0 like you. PSA recommends leaving it at 0 except in some unusual circumstances.

I think that the preferred mode, SW or MW is very system dependent, as we just saw from the input of @davida and @Vmax.

And the difference between SW and MW6 is not enormous, to my ears. Introducing the P20 in the system has a much bigger impact. It dwarfs the difference between SW and MW in my system.

PS Audio power plants are fantastic, IMHO.

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Has anyone tried other modes than NOS? I mean one of the three oversampling modes: OS, OS PCM and OS DSD.

Herb R and John A liked both NOS and OS DSD IIRC.

I prefer NOS so far, but I am curious about your experiences. We learn by sharing …

Phil…Good luck with the sale…

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Thanks Mark, and thank you for your advice.

I tried OS PCM and it just doesn’t sound right. I don’t know how to really explain it. The volume level for OS DSD is just too different so it’s hard to really compare the two. Given that I’ve done all my listening in NOS.

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My friend came over with the May just now. My brother is also here to hear this May. It was still very warm to the touch and we plugged it in immediately and kept it running to keep it warm because we heard the May takes a lot of break-in and warm -up time to sound it’s best.

Here’s what my friend’s thoughts on the difference between my transformer modified DS. The May sounds more distant and a bit leaner. The DS is more up front and richer with more body. My brother and I agreed.

I have to agree with @aangen that this May is rather lean and does not agree with my system at all, sorry, had to be honest. The modified DS opens up my system and brings out resolution like you wouldn’t believe. The May failed to do that. Sorry Phil, to disappoint you, but maybe this May needs more than 500 hrs of break-in. When my friend gets 1500 hrs., we may try it again.