How can I fit a DS MKII into my current system?

Just having a think. I own an Anthem MRX 520 for the rear and centre speakers, its hooked up to a PS Audio SGCD via RCA analogue in… how can I upgrade my STGC to say a Holo Spring (with the preamp module), DS MKI/II

Mark 1 DSD Sr. DACs are available at under $2k prices.
The Holo Spring Preamp I know nothing about other than the endless raving I read about it.

This could all be a cry for help.

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If you buy a Spring 3 with the preamp module it will just be a one for one swap for the SGCD and you would have no need for the DS DAC at all. If you want to own a DS DAC then buy a Holo Serene preamp only instead.

Following on, kind of from my last post, I have been offered a good deal (in the UK ), but am hesitant as I do not know how I can fit it into my current system. The item is the holy grail (to me anyway) of the current Dacs, a DS MKII. How can I add my Anthem A/V amp to it, as at the moment I have a SGCD and the Anthem amp connect via the Analogue input (No 14 in the rear pic of the SGCD Manual)

More info is needed on your system. What model Anthem?

I would assume replace the SGCD with the DS MKII, simple as that.

Bypass the DAC in the SGCD and use the Mk II instead. Then using the SGCD as source selector and volume control only.

Are you using the GCD as a dac, with the anthem as the pre/power amp or do you have another power amp for your front L&R channels? I’m unsure what you meant in the OP…. More info about your set up would be helpful…

If you are using the GCD as a stand alone dac only the DS MK 2 would be a simple 1 to 1 swap…. I would utilize the preamp section of the Anthem and start with that.

I have the MKII with my Anthem AVM70. Separate power amps. Do you use the MRX for powering the front speakers? If the MRX does the front speakers then DAC feeds the MRX…but you cannot use room correction and take advantage of the DAC (either one). if the DAC is down stream you need some sort of passthrough. I added the JLAudio CR-1 for that bypass and adding a sub. Need a bit more info to help.

OK, more info on what I have and how its connected: For a basic 5.2 A/V setup, I use an Anthem MRX 520 that amplify the rear speakers and centre, and the 2 LFE sub outs go to the LFE connection on the 2 Rel S 8/12’s. the front main speakers are amped by the M700 power amps and the wire connection from the spare set of terminals are connected to the Rels High Level input (as in the Rel dealers manual). I am selling the SGCD and the £££ are going towards a higher end Dac, 99% sure it will be a MKII or a MKI, if pushed. So as the DS MKI/II has a volume associated with it on the remote, will be using that, as am disabled now so have no need for external volume control. What I am failing to see on those models is a lack of any analogue in connection. Am not a technical person, and am not fully understanding where I can fit a DS (or a similar Dac) in my current system… Hope that answers more things

That is exactly why I use the cr-1. It takes analog in from both the 2 ch system and AVR. Up to 2 subs as well. I use a pre with pass through for the left and right. I would read the cr-1 manual for f interested and see if it can do w/o pre.

A friend added a CR1 to his system. As you know it processes the entire frequency range. We found it degraded the sound of the system noticeably. We were sad. Removing it restored the sound we preferred. I was very surprised at the detriment. It gets really good reviews.

cr1??? what one of those (am in the UK and have never heard of one)

I am at a loss now, as cannot see how a device that is a
“ultimate tool for subwoofer integration.” solves my problem of putting an analogue input on a dac I fancy, or am I missing something

See diagram below from the manual

I AM missing something then. I get where you are coming from, but the price would have to come of the MKII Dac

In this Diagram your DAC MKII is the Stereo Preamp.

There is a bypass button on the front of the CR-1. when on, the AVR uses Fronts and Subs, when off the DAC does. JUST DONT USE BOTH AT SAME TIME. The CR-1 does not like that. neither will amp.

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