How do Accuphase, BHK, Pass Labs, MBL and Gryphon amps compare sonically?

For some reason the lyrics from Billy Joel’s “And so it Goes” seem appropriate related to Jay’s Audios love of rotating amps and other equipment. My guess his journey will continue on to gather yet more eyeballs.

“In every heart there is a room
A sanctuary safe and strong
To heal the wounds from lovers past
Until a new one comes along…
and so it goes and so it goes”

A great description of this songs lyrics follows at this link:

I have heard that Jay’s audio isn’t a fan of MBL… different strokes for different folks. I appreciate opinions but have doubts about controversial statements when those very statements have monetary motives for gathering eyeballs.


Well said…

Follow the money, know the agenda and discernment will follow.

Nothing wrong with capitalism/being a capitalist, but “caveat emptor”, in the marketplace as well as the marketplace of ideas, are words to live by.



I watched a few of their vids. I felt like I was watching a late night infomercial.

I’m happy they found something they like doing and others enjoy. It’s just not for me.

I don’t know what I would review if given the opportunity. Food comes to mind but that’s pretty well covered. Dog toys is a possibility.


You had a chat with Jay?

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Fair points - the BJ reference is probably a good one. He admits none of the gear he buys means much to him, as he knows it’ll be transatory. It’s about the journey.

Make your own judgments about how compromised ALL audio reviewers are, magazines especially included. We could debate that, and I think the result would be heavily tilted to him being far less compromised (he buys all his gear (owns it) - virtually none of it is loaned or given - in stark contrast to magazine reviews, which can require you to pay them for advertising to perpetuate their existence - who’s more trustworthy?), but I digress

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I’d say he and I are “ virtual friends,” the same way many here on this forum probably feel like they know well others on here. We chit chat occasionally. He said yesterday I need to come down and hear the Boulder system for myself in his room.

But other than the virtual friend aspect no affiliation, just a long time participant on his A’gon thread, which started years before he created the YT channel (I actually discouraged him to start the YT at the time, haha - he didn’t listen) .

He’s a good dude. Can’t sit still but that’s what makes the follow fun. Unlike many audiophiles who get all butt hurt if anyone disagrees with them or their preferred gear, he’s almost the complete opposite because he isn’t married to his gear. He buys Boulder and Gryphon amps the way we buy a tshirt or a pair of shoes.

Here’s a five minute history vid of a small fraction (well less than 50%, I reckon) of much of the higher end stuff that he’s owned, to put his Boulder declaration in perspective.

(No the bHK or DS or P20 didn’t make the vid (unless I missed them), but he’s owned them too - the vid heavily focuses mostly on just the last two years of his journey- the first 3 years were even more wild Wild West, haha, albeit at lower tier levels).

Jay’s Audio Lab to have a head to head shootout of Boulder 3060 vs Gryphon Apex power amps at the end of the month. Quarter mil msrp just in power amps, yikes

I hope that if I had his “job” I would come across more like Jeff Lebowski then… well, him.

I am much more of an abide person.

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