How do people deal with tight IEC power connectors?

Doing some cable swapping, I pushed in a very tight IEC (15A) connector with a lot of effort until it felt like it was in as far as it would go but the device did not power up. With some more effort I got to the point where there was no play with rocking the plug side to side. This got the plug in maybe 1-2mm further but that was the difference between functional and nonfunctional. I assume many have encountered this situation and any advice would be helpful–maybe measure the socket depth and mark the plug accordingly to ensure it’s in all the way?

Lube. A small amount of that liquid soap in the bathroom. I used that soap once to successfully install a midrange driver that used an o-ring on a Vivid speaker. The owner was pleased.


Also get a small tube of food grade silicone. Works wonders. Be glad it is snugger, too many have pretty poor retention force.