You need to be freaking Hulk to plug an audiophile cable to the PP P10

This is ridiculous. I have sweated for long, cursed for long, but cannot get a freaking audiophiel cable connector to the P10 outlets. What is the idea? yes, they will remain there for long for if you cannot plug it in the first place???

Really this is the most ridiculous advert for audiophile power cables. I am done. I will go back to the friendly non audiophile rubber contraptions

Each outlet has a prong cover internal that sldies out of the way. First use they are stiff Must wiggle snd force to loosen it up and pop it will go in.

Yes, they have been used before with regular rubber cables but with “audiophile” connectors it is so hard to plug them. That happened before to me with PS Audio Power cables, and I retired them.

I cannot upload images as I am a new user but, then connectors are halfway there and still I cannot push them beyond.

And I have tried until I got blisters in my thumb

I have a Devialet 400 and was using the cables they included. And it was because any other cables would be very much hard to plug. I left it like that and tried again, and that´s where I got stuck with plugs not plugging into the P10

With all due respect, I think you are either “doing it wrong” or one or more of the “prong covers” @Vmax referred to are bent or otherwise damaged such that you cannot get past them.

I struggled a bit with this issue when I first acquired a PSA Outlet and then again with my first PowerPlant. It takes a little finesse but the design is sound. The benefit is the grip the outlets have on heavier, “audiophile” cables. The downside, is the PIA of having to jiggle around and finesse some cable prongs to get past the “prong covers”.

I do hope you try again and get past the issue.


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I HATE those “safety” outlets. Whoever required those to be in so many places should have to use them. Most of them fail miserably soon after installation. They’re a certified pain in the rear end.


Tamper Resistant receptacles are from the same manufacturing groups that dominate all building code boards. All the low hanging fruit with most code items has been accomplished…but have to keeping moving forward with every change, it’s for the children. Arc fault breakers and receptacles are another “out there” NEC invention. Sorry, too cynical for such a beautiful day.


Really, THis is beyond that. There are no prong covers. The outlets were used with lean rubber cover cables with no problems. But, everytime I try to use heavier cables and prongs, it is nearly impossible to plug them in.

Thanks for your insight. Then what? and I mean this in a friendly way, I need a hammer (I tried that and did not work)?

Still, what do I do??? I contract Jason Momoa to plug these plugs?

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And I am taking this on a lighter tone, but, this is outrageous!

This is not funny anymore. These outlets are unusable

Humor, sarcasm and other intended, non-verbal communications are sometimes hard to discern from the written word.

Humor aside, have you successfully managed to plug in your cables or not? If not, then I suspect you have either a defective PowerPlant receptacle or two; or the prongs on your cable(s) are non-standard.

Best of luck to you.

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I don’t have a PSA generator but if the unit has safety outlets, there is a trick to the outlet. It doesn’t always work but never hurts to try. Before forcing the AC plug in, make sure all three prongs are leveled and kinda wiggle in at the same time. The trick is making sure the prongs go in at the same time


That is really odd.

Maybe @Elk can address your picture upload problem?

I open a topic. I am new to the forum and therefore I have no voice. This forum is useless.


I don’t know what you are complaining about, but I already like you.