P5 IEC Socket Spacing [US]

Hi All:

Sorry if this is a goofy question. I own three P5 units and a P3. I have noticed, as I upgraded some power cables recently, that the space between the IEC power-in socket on the P5 is quite close to the first HC output socket. So close that some large barrel cords cannot fit side-by-side. It’s not a problem with the other 7 output sockets [though I suppose it could be if the barrels were large enough, but it is definitively a problem with the first one. The P3 has a different layout, more similar to the P10, and so does not have this problem.

My AC12 power cords are not accessible in my speaker system right now, so I cannot check to see if simply buying another of them will solve my problem with my latest P5. Paul or anyone, do you know offhand if the “long” side of the IEC female end of the cable is flatter than the rest of the barrel, thus minimizing conflict with an adjacent barrel?