Name that IEC

A friend of mine picked up two of these cables in a freesale. He asked me to identify. I’ve got no idea. The source end is the standard 20amp C19, but the plug end I don’t recognize. Let’s play name that IEC!

Think it’s a…C20? Wouldn’t have had a clue, except I just got some C19-female-ended cables for my ARCs, and so had done some plug research.

Thanks Beef. I’ve got no idea. It’s not the standard 20amp plug, that’s for sure. I’ve never seen anything like this. The wire is a 12awg Northwire SJT, which is a step up from his stock cable in quality and gauge, but probably not “audiophile grade”. I run a combo of Audience, Stealth, and Pangea, and I’m curious to compare his Northwire at some point.

That would be a NEMA (not IEC) 6-15 made for 240V

That’s the one. Thanks for the assist. I’ve never seen this one before.