How do Power Plants regulate voltage?

Is voltage regulation just a “side effect” of power regeneration. Or is there something else in the Power Plants that perform this task?

They turn a noisy and variable incoming AC voltage into a very constant and precise DC voltage. Once you’ve created that very constant and stable DC, when you put it through the inverter process you end up with a clean and stable regulated AC voltage. Anyway, I think that’s the theory behind it.

Thank you

You know what though? It does not actually raise or lower voltage does it? For instance say the wall is 125, does it set it to 115? If it does that must be something other than the regeneration in there?

Yes, it regulates voltage.

Question? Would there be any detriment to running strictly a voltage regulator (not a conditioner) in front of the power plant to manage the income voltage closer to 120v. In my case my incoming voltage is closer to 123-125v. (the idea being to make things easier on the power plant)