How does an SACD player select between the Stereo SACD format and Multichannel?

Until I received a classical SACD that sounded terrible in SACD mode but gorgeous in redbook mode, I had assumed that 2 channel DSD was automatically selected by the machine depending on whether the player was 2 or multi-channel. On this SACD this does not appear to be the case. Can anyone enlighten me? I’m wondering if my lack of enthusiasm for SACD versus redbook is due to the fact I’ve been listening to multichannel on a stereo system. If this is the case - how do you select two channel DSD?

Depending on the player. Older Sony players have a button the remote. The Blu-ray based video SACD players like oppo have it on the setup menu.

I’ve owned 5 SACD players over the years, and except for the very first one, the default layer was decided by the user and selected during the initial setup process.

Oppo 205, 105 can be set to automatically play sacd or cd.

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I have a Luxman D10X which “does not support multichannel areas”. Yet I found an SACD that appears to be playing the Multichannel area with a consequent loss of sound definition - no stereo separation - little bass and no soundstage. The CD layer of this disc is awesome - the SACD layer unlistenable.

Does the disc say anything about the DSD layer being only multichannel? That’s the only way for there to be a problem like you describe, at least as far as I could see. If your machine is 2-channel only, then there’s no setup decision to be made, other than to pick between DSD and Redbook on insertion.

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You have my curiosity piqued now. What disc is it?

I sent a message to the company last night and am waiting for their response. Since there is a possibility that the SACD I have is defective, I’d like to make sure I’m not unjustly casting aspersions on what is a beautiful red book CD but unplayable SACD before I understand from them how they view the situation.
I only have about 30 SACDs from a variety of labels - Abkco, Bis, Blue Coast, Island, Vertigo, 2L, LSO Live, Octave, Dutton - and this is the only one that does not deliver stereo in DSD and that may only be one track. The SACD has rave reviews across the board so I’m very puzzled.
BTW - I have the same issues with the disc on my Marantz SA-14S1 as on the Luxman.
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