DMP red book setting

Just wondering why this option is available in the setup menu?
There’s multichannel, sacd stereo and red book. I just play standard red book CDs with my DMP and have found they sound best when it’s set to sacd stereo. So when is it recommend to use red book setting?
Mike M

If you wish to listen to the Redbook layer on a hybrid SACD.

I just checked the setting on my DMP and it reads SACD Mode - stereo SACD… That’s the way it arrived from the factory as I haven’t changed any settings - unless it flipped over with the 2.08 update. ? I will listen to the red book setting tomorrow to see if there is indeed a difference…

That was added so that you could listen to the Redook layer of a hybrid SACD if wished. When launched that was not possible I believe. There should be no sonic difference when playing Redbook in either setting, but unless you select that setting a hybrid SACD will play the DSD/SACD layer.