SACD Hybrid Discs Selecting DSD Later and DMP

Purchased some new SACD’s of late like the Michael Tilson Thomas Mahler #3 as an example…

After going into setup on the DMP selecting the SACD Stereo ejecting the disc is only plays the CD PCM layer. Also tried going back to 2.06 and reloading the 3.06 and 3.07 same issue. SACD DSD only disks will play SACD stereo. The Hybrid Discs all play in my Oppo 105D or 203.

We disconnected the I2S to the DACSr powered everything off reinitialized and there is no change.

A vast majority of my SACD collection are Hybrid SACD Discs. Really liked the DMP-DSDSr IS2 sound for DSD.

Also tried going through all setup selections of disc type attempting numerous sequences power cycling , cable disconnects and firmware refresh and the Hybrids simply won’t recognize or play DSD at all.

Have been awaiting PSAudio Engineering to get back to me for a while now.

Suggestions welcome.

How old is your DMP?

I presume on the setup screen on the DMP you have selected “SACD Mode: Stereo SACD”? After I did the firmware update, I had the same problem, apparently the update clobbered that setting, once re-set, the DMP played SACDs as DSD.

About a year old

How did you “reset”

Year old and was replaced once

Not for me. Every time I load an sacd disk it converts to pcm without fail. I then have to toggle between the Sacd/redbook settings on the menu/setup page…in order for dsd to show and play on both the DS and DMP. But I also have to eject and then close the tray for the conversion to take place. Annoying as hell.

I’ll try it a few times thanks…

Really thanks if it works for me

It doesn’t work for me tried numerous times…

Hopefully this quirk in yours will be fixed in the next release. We should release something next week. Fingers crossed. They are testing it now.

Paul update. It’s working!! PB suggested cleaning the lens and that solved the issue of playing DSD layer on Hybrid SACD’s… now listening to Mahler no 3 :grinning:


That’s what I love about these forums. A community helping each other. I would never have thought of that. Thanks to Reese!

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