How good is the AC12 power cord?

Bang-on. I had a couple of said mains cables, I experienced the same issues!
Far too heavy and cumbersome. I didn’t think they were anything special performance wise…

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Paul doesn’t seem to use the AC12s anymore…if that says anything about them. He now uses audoquest dragon cables(I think thats what those cables are).

They don’t use AC12s anymore at all that I can tell…


Somebody say that because Paul uses the AC12 before in his reference system and everyone really like the sound that those cords must be really good. I think that Paul got even better sound since he change to a better cord. If like you say, it is indeed the Dragon, his system is unapproachable.

When I first got the AC12, I thought the sound was very neutral and very detailed, not bad sounding. After a while I thought the cord sounded a bit cold, not enough warmth. I replaced it with the Pangea which added some warmth, but loses some detail. After many changes as with all the other cables, I ended up with the WireWorld Platinum Electra 7, which has the right balance of warmth, but with incredible detail. I know it cost a bit but I already wasted a lot of money reaching this point. I’ll probably waste more on even better cords in the future. Such is the nature of this hobby.


I have tried a number of other cords (mostly budget line from MAC, Cardas, TARA Labs, Shunyata) and worked my way up the PS Audio PerfectWave line. Experimenting led me to discover the AC-12 sounded best on every component, so over time with careful shopping I equipped my entire main system with AC-12 from the wall to regenerator and to all components. I had issues with the weight. . . I moved my P10 to the top of my rack and all the cable either flow over or down from there, no issues since. And the sound is perfect for my system with Decware amplification and pre-amplification and speakers, and with Rega and PS Audio sources. I suppose synergy is key as in almost all things audio. I spent the money and I’m living happily with these cables, not experimenting any longer.


I started this thread because someone asked if someone heard the Palladian Pk 10 and the AC12. I heard the Palladian in my friends system and it was exceptionally good. He used it for many years. I have a pair of AC12 and wasn’t that impressed with this cord compared with others I have. I started to mention some of the others that I was more impressed with and he asked me to leave because I was off topic, so I started my own topic. Here is the link to that discussion.

Anyone used AC-12 and Kimber Palladian PK10 power cords?

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ahhhh…the cable discussion.

I have all PS Audio power cables in my system - but only one AC12. I use the AC12 for my Direct Stream DAC. The rest are a combination of AC5 and AC3. I love them…but…I haven’t tried many other high quality power cables…and I have been oogling the AudioQuest storm cables.

I think I’ll stick to my PS Audio cables for now…until my components are locked in…

I’m just saying, ok I got my AC12’s and they are really good sounding, much better than my previous cords, but there are much better cords out there. You can be perfectly satisfy with this cord, but I see my system improved with a change to a better cord just like everything else. We change our interconnects and speaker cables when we want better performance from our system, so is it with power cords. Brands are not a consideration, whatever sounds better is what I want. From my experience, I find cords from Shunyata, Cardas, NBS, Acoustic Zen, AudioQuest, and WireWorld all outperforms my AC12. If you don’t like it, I don’t care. I’m not the one that listens to your system. If you want to make your system more enjoyable, power cords is one component that can help.

wow…go for it!

OK, maybe I’m a little over the top for a moment, but I do kinda get excited at times when I discover something that makes me say WOW when I put it in the system. I’m so thrilled with the increase in musicality. A new better cord can do that.

Sure. But so much is system dependent and “synergistic.” In my case I tried a handful of brands and liked the AC-12 best, and have built the system around these, and have been very excited with the musicality and “compatibility” of the system for 6 years, so I’m not inclined to experiment further with power cords. Isolation, interconnects, power treatment, component and speaker choice, and rooms all play into what the final choice may be–even different ideas of “musicality” may be in play. For one it might be a WireWorld cable that “fuses” with the system best, for another a Shunyata, for another an AC-12 for another an Audioquest.

And sometimes one might decide to quit chasing the “ultimate best sound” and enjoy the amazing and satisfying sound one has. That’s pretty much where I am with my system. Systems really. . . there’s only one of three that I still play around with and I think I have that one where I want it right now as well. When I get to a plateau where I am spinning disc after disc (cd or vinyl) and not thinking about the sound I’m happy and try to stand (sit) pat.


You are fortunate, you are at a place where you can just sit back and enjoy the music and not worry about equipment. I’m almost there as well, just a couple of things more and I am set. I’m done with cables. Just speakers and a better DAC and I’m finish.

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I thought you had MSB DAC?

I think you got me mix up with 2chan4ever. He has the MSB Select.
I still have the DS Sr. but my vinyl outperforms it and I’m waiting to see if the TSS is any good. That could be my final DAC.

My mistake. Now I understand. Thanks.
There was mention elsewhere here recently they have an industrial design engineer in-house working on the TSS chassis. We saw mock-ups of the chassis a long time ago. They must have rethought it all. As they do. The waiting will continue. I’m happy with my Magico and Esoteric so I just sit on the sidelines with these discussions on FR-30 and TSS.

Hi Mr B,

Do you have a link to said TSS chassis/redesign, etc. This information, as you know, is of interest to me!!

It was in a Paul’s Post only a few days ago.

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Thanks, Brodric.

I just hooked up an AC12 to my P15 and it immediately made a difference to my system. Of course I had the stock cord plugged in originally. I also have Synergistic Research power cords in my system and they made a big improvement as well. I wanted to try an AC12 to see how it performed with PS equipment. So far, I am happy with the outcome.

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I also used a AC12 on my P12 and it also was much better than the stock cord. Then I replaced the AC12 with the Acoustic Zen Gargantua II and improved with better dimensionality and better instrument textures. Finally put in the WireWorld Platinum Electra 7 and WOW, more of everything. The better the power cord, the more you are going to get from the regenerator.

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