Anyone used AC-12 and Kimber Palladian PK10 power cords?

I’m very familiar with PS Audio’s AC-12 power cords. Am wondering what differences might be expected between the AC-12 and Kimber Kable PK10, if anyone has happened to get a listen to both. Thanks,

I have one PK10. I can’t answer your question about the AC-12 direct comparison, but I will mention that one should be prepared for how heavy the big contraption (which Kimber will only describe as “proprietary”) is. And because it’s centrally located on the cable, chances are it might be hanging airborne.

I’ve read about that. At least it’s now in the middle. Is the PK10 more flexible than the AC-12? In any case, I have diy wood coasters held together with spindles to keep cables off the carpet.

Yes, they are more flexible than AC12.
And my comment was not about keeping off the floor. It was about hanging a great amount of weight on your IEC connections.

I have all AC-12s and chose them as being more “musical,” i.e., more involving and balanced, than what I auditioned them against or owned previously (Sablon, TWL, Snake River, HiDiamond, Shunyata Venom, and probably a few others). Power cords individually and for a typical system are expensive, and before PS Audio took over sales it was possible to get their cords at a fraction of the ones you’ve mentioned. I came across a good enough deal on a new PK10, had heard very good things about it, and so am wondering what might be different. The locations I’ve thought of are wall to P15 or P15 to ATC active floorstanders (with a partner). The heavy contraption in the middle wouldn’t be a problem for those locations.

The AC-12 is too heavy for my TV on a cabinet, so I use an old much more flexible 8-gauge TWL, which does very well. I found the biggest change for the TV picture was using an AQ Carbon HDMI (from a modded Oppo 203), which they describe as their best for video.

If you think AC12 sound musical, you should really try to borrow a Palladian PK10 or a Cardas Clear Beyond XL. I think you will be in for a surprise.

I have no reason to doubt you, but the AC-12s can’t be that bad if Paul used them exclusively in the much vaunted Listening Room 1, as well as at shows, until just recently.

I’m not positive, but I heard he’s using AudioQuest now. AC12’s could be compromising his system.

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Come on, the point is that for years, before the change to AQ several months ago, top reviewers and customers and others filed through PS Audio’s listening rooms, as well as exhibition rooms, and were wowed. That’s how non-musical the AC-12s are (and Paul’s ears are). Last year Paul discovered something better, which improved his system, which was no surprise to the rest of us, but so what (I understand others would disagree about the AQ’s, but to each their own, or at least willingness to audition a wide variety).

Now, back to my initial request to those who have heard the AC-12 and PK10 Palladian… Thanks,

Silly to suggest that the AC12 is not good cable.
I sold mine off a long time ago, so I can’t compare my PK10 with them.
But I will say that the PK10 is a top of the line cable, made by a top of the line company.
You aren’t likely to be disappointed .
I can, however, compare it directly to my Shunyata Alpha NR. In that case, the PK10 seems to open up a bit more upper mid and upper range. But overall, I much prefer the Alpha for it’s overall balanced improvement.

I’m sorry but PS Audio makes some excellent products, but cables and cords are not their strong suit. You are better going to specialty companies that manufactures only cables for some of the best cables and cords around. I am using WireWorld Platinum Electra 7’s and it’s blowing my mind how good cords can get. I use to use PS Audio Statement and even the original The Labs cord before the AC12. They are good, but sometimes a bit overbearing on the ears. Maybe it’s my system back then, but I always ended up using them for video because the have such a clear vibrant picture. I would say depends on your system. If you have a bright sounding system, then I don’t think AC12 is a good match. My AC12’s are giving me the best videos I ever had.

You’ve more than had your say. Please move along.

Wow, @highstream this is a very unfriendly respons to somebody contributing to a thread in which you invited people to respond. Just because you don’t like the response you tell them to move on. Why do you ask for opinions in the first place?

Instead of trying to convince yourself that you haven’t wasted your money on power cables being rather impolite to those who share an opinion you don’t like, Turn on the AC12 powered system and enjoy your investment. I am sure it sounds much better than most of the systems on this planed that are powered with stock / standard power cables supplied with the equipment.

Nobody said the AC12 are bad. But it is you, who asked for a comparison judgement from others. As with all things in life there is always something better. Developments move on especially in electronics technology:


Perhaps you read too quickly. He insisted the AC-12s are amusical, which is insulting of me and as long-time PS audio contributer Lonson noted is silly. Having said his piece, he wouldn’t let go, in effect trying to hijack the thread, which doesn’t encourage others to participate. And then when I said “enough,” his obsession drove him to start his own thread just to criticize the AC-12s. That’s called mental illness. Sorry you didn’t see that.


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I really could care less about what you think about what I said and really don’t care about if you could improve your system. If you don’t like what I said, ok I will move on and not contribute anything to your thread.

For what it’s worth, I don’t have experience with high end power cables. The concept of the PS Audio cables is technically sound. Who’s concept is better, who keeps investing in this technology and who utilizes the latest and the best?

What I tried to say, I believe with the AC12 you are entering the area of diminishing returns and changes you might hear become ever so slightly different.

PS Audio however does not manufacture the cables them self. Kimber, Atlas, Audioquest Nordost, Belden and the likes have an R&D section doing nothing else then improving their cables, that will make a difference after a while.

But if I had so much money in those AC12’s I would not worry about it anymore.


Thanks for the reply. Yes, PSA is not a cable company, but unlike their old I2S/HDMI cables, AQ I think, I haven’t heard mention of who the builders are. In principle, a dedicated cable/accessory company should be better, but as we all know there are a wide variety of house sounds, let alone sound quality. I found the AC-12 much better for my tastes than the offerings of several dedicated operations. I wonder if the plethora of options played a role in Paul holding back for so long (and even then I don’t think he held auditions, but the change apparently arose out of a conversation with Bill Low of AQ. I did get the AC12s at substantial discount or second hand, and am using nine of them currently. So changes will have to be piecemeal for now.

  • Hollow tube conductors for treble performance
  • Rectangular conductors for midrange performance
  • Multiple gauge conductors for bass performance"

You can’t get it any better :laughing:

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Yes, I own several of the PS cable’s and one Palladian. I’ve used the Palladian in my most crucial link - for the BHK Preamp - since I got a 20-amp cable for my P20. I reviewed the Palladian ( when it was first introduced) in TAS.

hi dan. that’s interesting. I only have one AC12 and the rest are AC5 and AC3’s. I view the most critical link to be my Direct Stream DAC - but it’s been awhile since I’ve fiddled with switching power cables around. I’m gonna try swapping the AC5 from my BHK preamp, with the AC12 from my DAC and see if anything changes. thanks for the incentive! cheers. tj-sully