Why is the P15 power meter value different from table reading on status page


On my P15 the Power Meter shows about 300 Watts as the output of the P15, but on the Status Page 539 Watts is displayed. Why?

I know the power consumption of the attached equipment is about 539W (when in idle) as I measured it with a separate high quality power meter I have (and it matches what the manual says for idle power). Plus the consumption of 6.5A at 539W matches given the power factor of the attached equipment. Also, the 65% load figure on the Status Page matches the 6.5A. (6.5A x 119.7V) / 1200 VA = 65%. So everything matches up perfectly, except the Power Meter is showing just over 50% of the number it should show.

Does anyone know why?

See attached pictures.


I might be wrong but I guess the meter gives you POWER OUT and the status gives you POWER IN. The difference is used to heat your room…

The 539W is the power being supplied by the P15 to the attached equipment. I measured it with a power meter. I also measured the power into the P15 and it was about 22% higher than the power going out, pointing to about an 80% efficiency for the P15, which matches what PS Audio publishes.

Exactly. Good detective work!

Paul, the problem here is the power meter on the P15 shows about 50% the power consumption that is actually occurring. See above pictures. Is this a known issue?

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I think I have the solution: The meters are JPEG’s… They look an awfully lot like mine… :rofl:


Howdy Alan,

Hmm, this is interesting. I just checked meters vs status screen on one P15 and two P20s in Music Room One and they matched pretty darn closely.

If you wouldn’t mind a bit of an experiment - would you mind turning off the P15 from the back panel and powering everything back up and checking again then?

Bug identified! Our software team is working on a fix now. The status screen (as you deduced) shows the correct values.

Same issue with my P15. Good to know a fix is in the works.

Thanks for looking into this problem. Please let me know when a fix is place. Alan.

We’ll have the updated firmware posted this week. Keep an eye out for it!


Great. Thanks. Does it effect all P15?

Yes, though it is only a visual glitch - performance is completely unaffected.

Basically, we shared the meter code between the P20 and the P12/15, but didn’t adjust the math for the different meter ranges each one uses - i.e., the P20 meter goes from 0 to 2,000 watts, the P12/15 don’t go that high. So when the needle on a P12 or P15 tries to show your power consumption, it’s assuming the scale stops at 2,000 watts when in reality the scale stops before that.

Fortunately it was an easy fix for our team :grin:


Great. Thanks.

Thinking today or tomorrow for the update?

Great. Thanks.

That is indeed the plan :grin:

@tomgPS has sent the firmware over to our Director of Engineering for final approval and posting on the website. We should have it up in no time.


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