How much power do I use?


My M700 are driving a pair of Goldenear Triton one, which have built in power amps for the woofers, so the mono blocks actually driving just the midranges and tweeters.
The Tritons impedance is 8 ohms and I rarely pass 30 on the volume control of the GCD.
My questions is: how can I know how much power the M700 are consuming? Reason I ask is I want to know if I could get a way with the new stellar power plant that is due to come out (should be 300 watt, to my understanding) , or I must get a power plant 12?
I intend to use it power the M700 and the GCD.


One of these does the job nicely: click


Thank you Elk. Didn’t thought about that…


They only use 30 watts or so. Very efficient. Having a current/watt meter is handy regardless.