Exposure 3010S2 Monoblockset in a Powerplant Stellar P3

Does anyone in here know, if the amplifiers from the Exposures 3010 series generally can be powered by a Stellar Powerplant P3 in regenerated mode? I have the monoblocks and they have a power consumption which says max 400W.Should I take care with this to avoid overloading?

400 might be the max but that doesn’t really tell us how much current they actually pull in practice. What speakers are you connecting to them?

I use a set of small Dynaudio Speakers with a sensitivity of 84dB. I play moderately loud, but they require you to turn up the volume control a little bit more to play moderately loud.

Hmm, though they’re not particularly efficient, I don’t imagine the amps will be working terribly hard to drive them. Would you describe the amps as hot when they’ve been running for a while and you put your hand on top of them?

If you can get your hands of a Kill A Watt or other brand of Electrical Usage Meter you can test it for yourself. They can be found for under $20 on Amazon.

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