How often to reinstall Directstream dac and PST?

How often should I be reinstalling the Directstream dac and PST by repowering them off and on from the back of the units. I find my digital likes to be refreshed every month or two. Anyone else notice this?

I have to turn my PST off once in awhile. I noticed that it doesn’t play SACD and needs to be powered down completely. It is frustrating but that’s the way it is with PSA products. It is weird but I don’t have anymore problem with DSD once I removed the bridge ii.

Apart from operational issues of the PST, as mentioned, or FW upgrades for the DAC, never. It always sounds the same.

My PST works flawlessly, and has done so from day 1. No restart required.

… and mine didn’t survive the burn in, didn’t last 72 hours without taking my PSA DSD DAC with it. Just sayin’.

Nick, do you leave yours on 24/7?

Mine will not play the occasional CD which at times can be a bit frustrating!

It’s on standby 24/7.

Occasionally, my PST refused to play DSD or AIFF disks (blinking light). I had to turn off and restart it, and sometimes I needed to unplug the power cord. But there was no SQ difference that I could hear.

DS MK2 was turned off weekly (playing with cables/tweaks often lately). After it warmed up it sounded the same, which is excellent as always.

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Yes. It has only been off once, while we were traveling in May. The whole system is on standby.

Congrats. You got a nice one!

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